Deep State Radio


It is Difficult to Make Predictions, Especially About the Future

Contrary to popular belief, according to, Sam Goldwyn did not utter the immortal line that is the title of this episode. Nor did physicist Niels Bohr to whom it is also attributed. Instead, the first person to offer it up was Danish pol Karl Kristien Steincke in his immortal work, "Farvel Og Tak", published in 1948. Which serves as a useful reminder that if we can't even get the past right there is no way we are going to guess what's happening next. Nonetheless, that won't stop the intrepid Deep State Radio panel of experts including Kori Schake, Rosa Brooks and David Sanger from trying. Keep them company as they take us through what might happen in the year ahead. And keep the box wine handy. It's not pretty.

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