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In Improv (and Nuclear Negotiations), the Secret is to Always Say "Yes"

It's an old rule of improv comedy that you have to play along with the premise you are presented with. It's a rule apparently that the old show biz wannabe who is currently president of the United States took to heart last week when he jumped on North Korean dictatorial dumpling Kim Jong Un's invitation to have a sit down. He said "yes" before he or anyone on his staff had the slightest idea about what that might mean. And now the world has to figure out what to do with this new wrinkle. Fortunately, Deep State Nerds have this episode with Third Way's Mieke Eoyang, The Alliance for Securing Democracy's Laura Rosenberger, IISS' Kori Schake and Georgetown University's Rosa Brooks. It's a great one. Don't miss it.

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