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If Only We Can Guess the Name, Maybe We Can Break the Spell: Is it...Trumplestiltskin?

It's a mad whirl these days with more mad than whirl going on. This week alone offers everything from the Iran deal (the one new NRA president Ollie North did back in the day) to the Iran deal (the one Donald Trump hates). It offers a debate about the use of torture (re: the Gina Haspel confirmation hearings) as well as a debate about the use of torture (having to watch Rudy Giuliani on television 24-7 as he dissolves into a mental pudding.) Rosa Brooks, Kori Schake, Mieke Eoyang and Ed Luce discuss and offer lots of insights. (Including, of course, Ed offering up the correct pronunciation of the word Lieutenant. Or so he says.). Tune in!

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