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Why Does a Tour of the Horizon These Days Feel So Much Like We're Circling a Drain?

So much for the Nobel Peace Prize. So much for the celebration in Jerusalem. So much for teaching those Iranians a lesson. So much for witch hunts. So much for so much that our heads are spinning...much like this crazy world we all live on. On this episode of Deep State Radio Kori Schake, Rosa Brooks, Evelyn Farkas and Dan Benjamin discuss it all...and we have to be honest with you, the results aren't that uplifting. The president of the US is a pig. He is being played big time by a tubby millennial dictator who really may be the master of the art of the deal. The U.S. Constitution ain't what it's cracked up to be. And the NRA aren't just a murder lobby, they may be traitors too. Hope you're having a nice Spring everybody! Tune in.

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