Deep State Radio


Episode 100!!!: Welcome to the Pax Trumpiana--How's That Working for You?

On this, the historic, 100th episode of Deep State Radio (once called by Bridget Jones "the world's most important podcast") our usual band of troublemakers discuss just how much worse off the world is 100 podcasts later than it was we started. Could it all have to do with the man one NPR commentator referred to as "an escaped monkey from a cocaine study?" Which English monarch is most reminiscent of that monkey? (Ethelred the Cokehead?) And what can we expect 100 episodes from now? (The end of the euro? War with Iran? A Trump casino in Pyongyang? President Nancy Pelosi?) We not only answer all your questions but we announce a whole lot of ways we intend to show our love for Deep State Radio nerd nation...because we can't think of any other group of folks we'd rather spend the End Days with! Tune in!

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