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Beware the Man with a Cheeseburger in the Pocket of HIs Bathrobe

A lonely old man wandering the White House late at night in his bathrobe, perhaps with a half-eaten McDonald's cheeseburger in his pocket gets angry at the angry that he hits the ALL CAPS button on his cellphone and starts to Tweet out threats at a foreign nation. "ALL CAPS?," says his target, "this means WAR!" That's very nearly where we were this week when Donald Trump lashed out at Iran. Was a clever distraction? A mental misfire? We may never know, but we know this: as long as the president can Tweet, none of us are really safe. Our great panel including Loren DeJonge Schulman of of the Bombshell podcast, Kori Schake of IISS and Ed Luce of the Financial Times discuss this, playing politics with security clearances and the rest of the week's latest developments. Tune in!

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