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Kavanaugh is Not Just a Nominee, He’s a Symptom

The political furor around the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court may seem like pure domestic US politics, but the implications for America’s role in the world are serious. Not only does the chaos in the US symptom send a disconcerting message to those who once emulated us and an inviting one to our enemies, but the politics behind the nomination hint at bigger issues to come. America is growing more divided between less populated, less diverse “red” states that are disproportionately empowered by the US Constitution and the more diverse, less xenophobic, more urban “blue” states. According to Rosa Brooks of our panel, the last time our structural imbalances were this great we had a civil war. Are we on the precipice of greater unrest? Rosa is joined by Kori Schake of IISS and Evelyn Farkas of the Atlantic Council for a discussion on this, America’s soft power of attraction…and the sweet and surprising attraction between Donald Trump and, his new love, Kim Jong-Un. Tune in!

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