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She's Fierce, She's Funny and She Put Words in Obama's Mouth: A Conversation with Nell Scovell

When TV Writer Nell Scovell wrote her now famous tell all expose in Vanity Fair about the behind the scenes exploits at Late Night with David Letterman, some thought it would ruin her career. But, the essay--a critical moment on the path to our "Me Too" era-- didn't end her career, she thrived. Nell went on to write jokes for President Obama at the White House Correspondence Dinner, for some of television's top comedies and she was the co-author of "Leaning In" with Sheryl Sandberg. On this episode of "Washington for Beautiful People," Nell and I chat about the WHCD, Michelle Wolff, Bernie Bros and Bernie's wrinkled suits, MeToo, toupees and dream 2020 candidates. Join us for a hilarious and thought-provoking conversation.

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