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50/50 in 2020: Why So Many Candidates are Pledging Gender Parity in National Security Leadership

From one perspective, this is not a particularly auspicious moment for women at the top ranks of the US government. There are fewer women in leadership roles in the Trump Administration and then, of course, there's the fact the president has been credibly accused of being a rapist. More than once. That said, there are also some very promising signs and one of the most exciting is a new initiative to ensure gender parity at the highest levels of our national security leadership in the next administration. It is called LCWINS and it has caught on with 15 campaigns already and we discuss why with three leaders of the initiative--our own Rosa Brooks of Georgetown University, Beverly Kirk of CSIS and our old friend Julie Smith, currently in residence at the Bosch Academy in Berlin. It's a great and timely discussion of an important issue. Please join us.

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