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Los Angeles Comedian Tim Powers sits down with the world's most interesting people. Song writers, actors, artists, animators, authors --Tim will get the story out of them with a charm and a sense of humor nobody else has.

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  • 36. Phil Proctor returns and STILL doesn't have his FORTUNE COOKIE!

    Comedy Hall-of Famer PHILPROCTOR joins Tim to discuss his new podcast (available wherever you get your podcasts) featuring a well-produced audio excursion through the memoir he wrote with Brad Schreiber, "WHERE'S MY FORTUNE COOKIE?" -- available wherever you get your books.Along the way, Tim and Phil talk about the nature of comedy, the importance of parody and Phil's amazing life.

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  • 35. Brett Hudson, Cancer and the Hollywood Situation

    Producer and Director (and former Tiger Beat Teen Idol) Brett Hudson discusses his epic battle with Cancer and how HE WON. He came back from Stage 4 cancer through medicine and therapy not available in the United States. Brett's determination to win, his boundless spirit and his heartfelt dedication to letting everyone in the world know about treatments for cancer that they may not know, or be told, about , is evident in this very special episode of Deep Dish Radio. If you want to contribute to Brett's cause, be sure to visit and click the GIVE box. Kingdom Builders International is a 501 (c)3 organization and your donation is tax deductible. You and Brett are saving lives.
  • 32. Author & Screenwriter Brad Schreiber . "What Are You Laughing At?"

    Check out the new Deep Dish Radio Facebook Page. Tim's there and you can tell him how much you wish he'd shut up and let the guests talk.This episode: Brilliant and funny author Brad Schreiber and his new, revised book "What Are You Laughing At?"“People have forgotten how to be funny,” says Chris Vogler in his foreword to What Are You Laughing at? Luckily, experienced and award-winning humor writer Brad Schreiber is here to remind us all how it’s done. If laughter is the best medicine, be prepared to feel fit as a fiddle after perusing these pages. Brad’s clever wit and well-timed punch lines are sure to leave you grasping your sides, while his wise advice will ensure that you’re able to follow in his comedic footsteps.With more than seventy excerpts from such expert prose and screenwriters as Woody Allen, Steve Martin, and Kurt Vonnegut Jr., as well as unique writing exercises for all situations, this comprehensive tutorial will teach you how to write humor prose for any literary form, including screenwriting, story writing, theater, television, and audio/radio. Additionally, readers are given sage advice on different tactics for writing comedic fiction versus comedic nonfiction.Get the book wherever you get your books
  • 31. The NEW Monkees

    At their 30th Anniversary party, the NEW Monkees re-unite on Deep Dish Radio to tell their origin story and their hard lesson on what NOT to do in Hollywood. I love these guys and I'm proud to call them my friends.The 20th anniversary of The Monkees in 1986 generated enough interest that New Monkees was conceived later that year, and launched the following year. The show, a remake of "The Monkees", was produced by Columbia Pictures Televisionand distributed by Coca-Cola Telecommunications (both are now Sony Pictures Television). Straybert Productions, headed by Steve Blauner (a former partner of original Monkees producers Robert Rafelson and Bert Schneider), served as the project's producers.The group's members were Jared Chandler (guitar and vocals), Dino Kovas (drums and vocals), Marty Ross (bass and vocals), and Larry Saltis (lead guitar and vocals). As it had been with the original Monkees, each had to pass a grueling set of auditions. Unlike the previous series, however, musical ability was a key factor in the selection process. Ross, a multi-instrumentalist, had earlier been signed to CBS Records, with his former band The Wigs.
  • Phil Proctor and "Where's My Fortune Cookie?"

    The hilarious, startling biography of Phil Proctor, the co-founder of the legendary satirical comedy group, the Firesign Theatre. Includes over 120 rare photos, illustrating his work in comedy recordings, TV, film and even the Broadway stage.Phil, with Peter Bergman, Phil Austin and David Ossman, predicted reality TV, hackers, computer viruses, virtual reality, the fall of the Soviet Union, 9/11 and more.                     Look for these major moments of mind-melting madness in Where's My Fortune Cookie?:Phil and Firesign partner Peter Bergman survive a mass shooting in a San Francisco Chinatown restaurant, predicted months before by a psychic friend.Phil's first film, Henry Jaglom's A Safe Place, with Orson Welles and Jack Nicholson, and wild interactions with Steve Martin, Mel Brooks, Jerry Lewis, Bob Marley and many more.Revelations of psychic phenomena and contact with extraterrestrials that begin in Phil's childhood.
  • Patty Farmer: Playboy Laughs: The Comedy, Comedians, and Cartoons of Playboy

    Following her success with Playboy Swings, Patty Farmer looks at Playboy’s relationship with comedians and cartoonists in her new book Playboy Laughs. Playboy Laughs invites readers onto the sets of the organization’s groundbreaking TV shows, Playboy Penthouse and Playboy After Dark. These popular variety series brought top-tier comedians, impressionists, and monologists―as well as the finest musicians―into people’s homes each week. Readers will learn how before he ever dreamed of conquering the magazine publishing world―and along the way establish a worldwide brand―Hugh Hefner harbored aspirations of making his mark in the world as a cartoonist. Playboy Laughs delves into the darker aspects of the time as well, tackling the ways Playboy and its comedy stars helped break down social and racial barriers as well as sexual ones. Known for her devotion to meticulous research and clear, honest storytelling, Farmer has gained the full cooperation of the Playboy organization―and Hugh Hefner himself―making this not only an entertaining read but a trustworthy history of an under-appreciated aspect of American comic culture.
  • Slim Jim Phantom: A Stray Cat Struts

    Iconic Rockabilly Drummer Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats, Phantom Rocker & Slick) discusses his new autobiography, "A Stray Cat Struts." Learn how a hard-working kid from New York stayed grounded during sudden world-fame and riches. Jim is the real deal, a true rocker and a rock fan at heart. Pick up his book wherever you get your books