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Leading the Mend -Taking Control of Your Health

I am not usually one that is comfortable talking about medicine or health, but after this discussion I have changed tunes. On this episode I talk with Certified Respiratory Therapist, Nutrition Coach, and founder of Functionally Autoimmune about her incredible health journey and how it led to her becoming making a mark in the medical world. After having multiple procedures, and being given misinformation about her health she decided enough was enough. She has not only taken full control of her own health, but she now encourage and help others take control of theirs. Tune into a deep, moving, and inspirational conversation.

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  • Life's A Trip

    Founder and CEO of SWOLE (Soar W/O Limits Enterprises) Monique Pearson and I discuss the significant need for change agents in the world of PTSD and all that is encompassed. Monique is a travel agent who use the wonder world of traveling and escaping as a tool to help people overcome the challenges they face affecting their mental and emotional wellbeing. This includes an annual retreat focusing on those who have experience PTSD and is looking for an opportunity to come to grips with their trauma and fears.
  • What’s Missing (Struggle to Discover the Element of Self)

    In this episode I speak with Jungian Analyst Sarah Schwartz PhD about her upcoming book "Imposter Syndrome and The As If Personality in Analytica Psychology: The Fragility of Self. We go in-depth about the As If personality that exists amongst many people.
  • We're In This Together

    Love can come in many different forms. The conversation I had with Juan Lee, Founder and CEO of Clear Path Inc, was one that I will always appreciate. We talk about the importance of embracing one another instead of racing one another. Juan's organization was built off the value of love, health, and wellness. Juan and I dive deep into these things, talk about his wonderful organization, and much more.
  • I'm Built For This

    As a life skills coach that specializes in facing and overcoming adversity, it is great hearing people talk about the battles they went through and became better as a result. The conversation I had with Tiffany regarding her experience with being in the military and the trauma and brought it her left me amazed that she was able to be as accomplished and resilient as she was. You want to hear a story of triumph click the play button and you will not be disappointed!
  • Breaking Bad Habits and Erasing Addictions

    In this episode Raimi and I have an in-depth discussion about the effects of unhealthy habits and behaviors and how they can impact long term health and wellbeing. Raimi provide expert advice on what to do not only when you are burdened with bad habits, but encounter someone as such. Who should you reach out to? What things should you detail or take into account when dealing with these people. Bad habits can be something as small as thinking the worst to protect yourself from what you may THINK is inevitable. In this conversation we talk from the view of a life coach and the view of a mental health professional.
  • To Be Continued

    In this episode Micole and I talk about her incredible journey that took a 180 with her performing a talent that was recognized when she was three. However, it took some trials and tribulations for her to realize it and now become a successful film writer, author, and storyteller.
  • Right from Wrong

    Wrong does not always bad or something negative. Wrong can be a preparation for what is right.
  • What's My Calling?

    At what moment do you discover what you were called to be? In this episode, I share a few tips and relevant life skills as it pertains to determining what you have been called to be to the world.