Deep Roots


Mental Preparation: Affirmations

Season 1, Ep. 21
Values & voids; A desire to be always better; Being an inconsistent rugby player due to lack of mental control; A huge output of energy over the last 5 years to fill in my void; A "body first" method of mental prep; Between stimulus & response you have the freedom to choose; 'Everybody has a plan until you're punched in the face' - Mike Tyson; Learning your mental game through lived physical experiences; 3 parts to my mental preparation; 1 "Internal" & 2 "External" elements to mental prep. for challenges.Day 53 (NGU):Good conditions; Should be happy but battling my heart out; Outcome focused; The double whammy of steering & expectations; Affirmations with a lot of f@%ks; Emotional imagery = energy; "Never Give Up"; Find a way to keep going forward, even if it's by your finger nails.Intra days: A real and raw experience captured; A philosophy I will endeavour to embody and message I will share when I feel applicable, A non-traditional use of affirmations; Reprogramming your subconscious with affirmations; Sets and reps to strengthen the mind; Peaking my mental prep. alongside my physical prep. leading into a challenge/expedition. State changers on Day 53;A 3-step process for Affirmations;One of my most valuable and used affirmations - "Nothing will stop me rowing the Atlantic"; Breaking my imagination patterning; The view from a small plane above my head;Feeling is emotion, emotion is energy;Linking a feeling to visualised imagery; Roaring defiance at the ocean through my affirmations; Struggles within my own affirmation practice and learning the skill of step 3; The inevitability of mental stress during extreme challenges; The support of affirmations to the other parts of my mental prep.Day 53: Feeling completely undeserving of my mileage; A 11 hours sleep & questioning did I give in a little bit?; Peeking my head out the cabin at 2am and deciding it was never happening, same at 6am and 8am; Boat "chugging" along all night; Thinking there's a book in this; Never admitting something is hard; New rashes, fingers in a bad way, however sores are now a minor irritation; Great to hear Ireland got a win to start their 6 nations; There's a part of me that loves the challenges of the hard days; "If it was easy everybody would do it"; A regrettable lack of documentation from the first few weeks; 343nm left.Closing:A weak attempt at writing the book; My love and respect for books; Writing my book when I'm ready and strong enough; A recommendation from a listener and their child to write a children's book about this row; Falling down around the parameters I set for myself and the importance of that to me; Not interested in easy & lazy, that side of Damian can "f&$k off".Videos:Day 53 'Never Give Up': 53 (Full) : gratitude,Damian Browne

Question Everything

Season 1, Ep. 20
A panel in NUIG and a TedX Talk in Switzerland; An important practice in my life; Self-imposed barriers & untruthful perceptions; Discovering "false walls" on the Atlantic; Disturbing one's conditioning; A healthy, educational practice that does my head in at times; Why? Why? Why?Day 51:A good day, 45NM; Rowing 12hrs a day now seems easy; My daily rowing, fuelling and sleeping structure; Regain some time lost from the Northerlies? Is the water heavier sometime??Intra days: Calm and contemplative; A "false wall" of perception broken down through action; Possibility of missing Antigua; Crashed after 31 hours rowing in 40; Remembering the 4 Controllables; The behaviour of asking oneself the right questions; Questioning the feedback from the oars through my nervous system; Patience in building the information around one's perception.Day 52: Venting in the wind; "Unbelievably frustrating because I forget"; Cloud lines and tappers; Heartbreaking expectations; Conditions turned and no moon.Closing:The trade wind routes and their ideal conditions, hoped and wished for; 5 day weather forecasts and building expectations; "You don't have fucking steering Damian!"; Explaining "kicked out" while using your phone; The huge effort required get the boat back "on top of the waves" and the delicate place that brings you; the Nirvana of 90 mins flowing on top;Videos:Day 51 : 52: gratitude,Damian

An Exercise in Suffering

Season 1, Ep. 19
'Welcome to the real world'; Living in an avenue of life with, purpose, discomfort and lack of choice; Seeing the world differently because of the reality of a rugby life; Broadening my map of how I see the world; Grateful having walked in the gate of Galwegians RFC; Nervous system feedback at 11; Breaking conditioning & perceptions through the demands of professional rugby; My need for growth; I am an Explorer; The squeeze of external and internal pressures; My supports on and off the ocean; Justin Adkin's guidance and Ian Couch's suggestion.Day 48 :A review of the last number of days; A visual of my perch; The holes of the perch are growing; Morale getting hit with the thoughts of what's ahead over the next 16 days; On a positive - over 2000NM rowed.Intra days: Can we achieve our full potential without embracing pain? Learning from the reality of pain; 'I hope this is as hard as it can possibly be?', my adventure hope; Expanding one's map of reality; "Does this sound sick?", A fantastic opportunity to learn and grow from.Day 49.1: Feeling great after a swim and wash; Clipping some ridiculous toe nails; Scrubbing the sores; Savouring the experience and banking the memories; A flat calm day; 600NM from Antigua and people are worried about my approach to the island!!!; A very very special thing to do.Intra days:What a difference 24hrs can make; The power of clipping a few toenails; Questioning my own sincerity 3 years later; My multipurpose cloth; Gritting my teeth for 15 secs and getting stuck into the sores, with effect affects.Day 49 (Full) :7 weeks done and dusted; Another milestone; Deciding to go straight West despite the conditions; Cranking out a few miles more than expected; 18-19 hours rowing in 24hrs bring up a big bruise in my hand; Going between naked rowing and shorts on; Best the sores have felt in 3 - 4 weeks; Spirits perked up. Days like these are numbered.Intra days:Remembering the crescendo 6 days beforehand;Rewiring how I perceive things through lived adversity; A remarkable turnaround that would never have been perceived if it hadn't been lived. High spirits continued.Day 50:Contrast my experience with yours over the last 50 days; My 5 senses minimised; A life striped back; An exercise in suffering & a strangely beautiful thing to do; Completely different to what I was expecting; A very special place.Closing:Here we are on day 50 seeing the clear link between life of a professional rugby player, Purpose, Discomfort & Lack of Choice and exploration and extreme adventures.How you can support the show; My week on Patreon; & The return of FreezbruryVideos:Day 48 : 49.1 : 49 Full : 50: gratitude,Damian

Blown 50 Miles off Course

Season 1, Ep. 18
Let's visualise! Me vs. me and no getting away from that battle. Stumbling on an unseen solution to the constant battle.Day 46:40 miles; Tough finish to the morning working against Northerly winds; Doubling up on breakfast & lunch; No salt, pepper or hot sauce; Singing songs about grinding; The holes are growing wider on the perch.Intra days: Singing the 'Ratlin Bog' and numerous other random sequences of words to get me away from the constant conversion surrounding the physical discomfort from sores; The importance of the phone and documenting my days.Day 47 (1): "Fucking fed-up man"; Knocked by numbers; Read one new letter from Tony B; Some positive listening despite the words.Intra days:Unpacking the 130 sec vent; The value of the phone in a cathartic way; How a number 'knocked me for six' and drove me into a very negative place; The disempowering nature of outcome focus; The Westside Barbell method of not counting reps and why; Contrasting self-talk despite the overarching general mood; Galvanised from some visualised imagery to get my daily target no matter what.Day 47 (2):Getting smashed by NE winds all day, 50 miles of course and counting; Losing the very valuable position on the perch again and again; Losing time; Feeling sorry for myself;Closing:A terrible general dispositionand low frequency; But what good was that?? Take fucking responsibility and reinforcing that behaviour until it became my character; "What are you doing about it?"A Mount Everest expedition update and current training progress.My week on Patreon.Videos:Day 46: 47 (1): 47 (2): gratitude,Damian

Find A Way

Season 1, Ep. 17
Introduction:I am desperate to live; Listening to my internal compass; Finding things very important during my search; The other side of the desperate coin = pain; Learning to listen to the feedback; Avoid, accept, change?; The need I value most in life is; An addiction on the truest level; Becoming good at finding a way to what's important to youDay 44 :A progressive degeneration off sores over 3 weeks; 10 minutes on, 10 off for 800 miles?; Advice from Mr Ian Couch brought a solution; two 39-mile days which were huge for my psychological state; Adapted, kept grinding and found a way; Happy out.Intra days: Atlantic Campaigns support; They've seen everything through experience and leading the safety of the race for many years; cutting up a spare seat I had put together made up of yoga matts into bits to raise the sores off the fixed seat; Talc clouds in the cabin and every other attempt at a solution; the importance of hitting those 39 mile days and continue to fight despite the situation; the power of the decision to take the hard option; build your relationship with yourself; Why I put myself in situations like these; the decision tightrope on the edges; Know thyself, Be thyself, Love thyself.Day 45: Best days mileage in a long time; Working hard for my miles and dodging squalls at 3am; Sores are finally less sensitive thanks to the perch; Psychological pressure point unveiled; Very sore fingers in the mornings before the blood gets flowing into them; Goodbye to my beloved nut butter combos; Loving it and having ideas for another ocean rows; Mimicking Russell Crowe in Gladiator while naked.Closing:An indescribable adventure & challenge; exploring the amazing facets of the Atlantic and exploring your internal world; the manifestation of Project Empower; Stumbling on a concoction of super fuel; Claws in the morning are not conducive to untying and rowing; counting down the first 10 strokes each morning;The epic story continues.Keep striving for more from yourself.Videos:Day 44 : 45 : gratitude,Damian

A Slow Form of Torture

Season 1, Ep. 16
Introduction:Visitors in their natural habitat on Day 40, visitors well distance from their natural habitat on Day 41.Day 41 :Delighted with an extra 3/4 miles in the last 24hrs; Deceptive conditions; A visit from Thor!; After 41 full days and thousands of sq miles of ocean, I'm 1 mile from another ocean rowing boat; I can see Remolon from time to time between the waves.Intra days: How I knew my race status; Welcome positive feedback for the hard graft being put down everyday; 18th or 19th of 21 at this point; The story of the support boat Suntiki, Remolon and my wild imagination; Along came Jorge! Who was also having an incredible crossing after his partner had had enough during the 1st week and pulled plant; Working harder now than at any time previously in the race and being the person I wanted to be on the oars.Day 42: Perplexed & Frustrated; Not anywhere near as competitive as I imagined; Some physical indications of my effort; Arse sore, a slow form of torture and needing 6 hours of sleep to help the discomfort the next day; Questioning absolutely everything after Remolon makes up 40NM on me in 4 days; getting no answers; "this isn't exactly the Isle of Man TT"Intra days:Demoralised & dejected: Both of us experiencing the exact same conditions and Jorge disappears into the horizon! It rocked me!Day 43 :The nightmare worsens as the arse sores become too painful; Who would have guessed ignoring the signals all the way back to Day 19 would lead to this; WORRIED; Sitting down is now agony; searching for solutions; rowing naked; Compromise, 20 mins on/off for 20 hours? "I want to be tearing into it and now it's like I'm on the bloody lake in Versailles"; Perspective on what's most important.Closing:The 2 hardest parts of my crossing, Day 1 and The Sores and the crescendo of them on Day 43. The story of how I had let it get to this point.Note: I am going to record a new outro tomorrow and add it to the Drive. So the audio from 3.27 on Part 7 will be taken out.Videos:Day 41 : 42 : 43 : gratitude,Damian Browne

The 4 Controllables

Season 1, Ep. 15
My adult life = an obsession to get better, a desperation to improve; The genesis of this was a decision, my decision; Pain inducing questions I posed to myself; Find what's valuable to me with a boot to the face; My love for rugby and how it fuelled the person I am today; layering and rewiring through actions and experience; The surpassing of rugby as a prioritised value; The importance of "Body First" focus for me; Adventure the perfect fit to explore myself and the world; Finally my thirst for full responsibility for my own training is quenched; How an unstoppable concoction of elements push you to your edges and over, and that's where you learn, grow.Day 39:In a mentally weak place; Wanting to stop, get off the oars, go to bed, give up; Thinking of things that were out of my control and it was weakening me; Negative thinking = "a sneaky little bastard that can seep into your thinking despite what you know about your psychological workings"; Awareness and analysis helped me reset my mind by redirecting my concentration to actions within my control; Getting back to an unbreakable mindset with 3 windows of effort; The power to take the hard option over the easy option; Turning around a "shit day"Intra days:The birth of "The 4 Controllables" in words; How the accumulation of 39 days of fatigue, pain, discomfort, isolation, space, challenge and a will to be my best everyday led to me seeing clearly my actions and being able to word it; The essence of the method- a redirection of concentration after awareness; A state changer; The hierarchy of order of the 4 Controllables; The power of choice is within you no matter the physical state you find yourself in; What do those 4 concentrations do exactly?; 'Controlling the moment' - the present moment; How awareness unveils the innate laziness of our body; You can always do more!; Equally scary and empowering realisation; A spiritual moment in training described; How we have the power to will yourselves into calmer states despite the level of physical duress; How self-talk can do more than neutralise the power of time over yourself; Strengthening the process over the last 2 years by adding a training/practice structure; The steps in the process - prepreparation- Cues & Questioning- do the work - Reflection; Changing perspective and raising myself up with 3 windows of huge effort & buzzing into day 40 from that.Day 40:If only our minds had a little off switch from time to time; fighting temptation and the easy impulses; Trying to find nonsense in my thinking; Being visited by a pod of dolphins; Seeing them surf down waves, go in and out under Darien, breach and play; The happiness and joy this induced in me as it was a huge hope that I would experience the Atlantic wildlife in its natural habitat, far from the maddening crowd;Closing:Setting the scene of the dolphin pod visit; the demoralising effect of the sores; Playing and having fun in the waves; The amazing effect it had on my state, like their energy transmuted into me; So transfixed that I forget to try and record their visit until they had nearly gone; Greedy for all the experience an Atlantic row can bring.Videos:Day 39: 40: