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Welcome to Chippendale's Season Premiere Review (Eps 1-2)

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In this episode of Decoding TV, David Chen and Siddhant Adlakha discuss Welcome to Chippendales, a new Hulu original series starring Kumail Nanjiani about the creation of the Chippendales male revue show.

Programming note: In this podcast episode we will cover (and spoil) the first two episodes of Welcome to Chippendales, “An Elegant, Exclusive Atmosphere,” and “Four Geniuses”. We will record one other podcast episode later to discuss the finale and entire season.

How well does Welcome to Chippendales get the persona of Somen "Steve" Banerjee, the man responsible for creating Chippendales? Does the show make good use of Murray Bartlett and Dan Stevens? And does it capture what it’s like to be an Indian immigrant in America during this time period? We discuss all this and more!


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