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The White Lotus S2E07 - Arrivederci

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In this episode of Decoding TV, Roxana Hadadi and David Chen discuss the shocking season 2 finale of The White Lotus. We finally learn who the dead bodies are in the season premiere but is the result narratively satisfying? Did Harper and Ethans’ relationship play out in a believable way? Should Meghann Fahy win an Emmy for her work this season? (spoiler: yes) Did the Di Grasso family learn anything from this whole misadventure? Did Valentina’s storyline end up resonating? Listen to us discuss all this and more! Roxana and I will be back with one additional bonus episode for paid members sometime in the next week or so.

Decoding TV will be covering The Last Of Us, premiering on HBO on January 15th! Be sure to stay subscribed to get all our episodes, with a special announcement sometime in the next week. Thanks to everyone who has listened this season, thanks to Decoding TV paid members for making this podcast possible, and a big thanks to Roxana Hadadi for joining us on this journey!


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