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The Crown S5E07 thru S5E10 - No Woman’s Land, Gunpowder, Couple 31, Decommissioned

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Programming note: Thanks for joining us for our coverage of The Crown this season! If the new Harry and Meghan Netflix documentary is worth discussing, we’ll be covering it here on Decoding TV in the weeks to come.

David Chen and @joyonapping are covering The Crown season 5 in three installments:

  • Episodes 1-3
  • Episodes 4-6
  • Episodes 7-10 (this episode)

Today, we discuss The Crown Season 5 episodes 7-10, “No Woman’s Land,” “Gunpowder,” “Couple 31,” and “Decommissioned.”

How did The Crown handle the saga of the Martin Bashir interview? Why is the show seemingly intent on rehabilitating the image of Charles and Camilla? Did we really have to end season five by exploring the plotline of the Royal Yacht again? What is the effect of juxtaposing normal everyday divorces with the cataclysmic one depicted in the show? We discuss all this and more!


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