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The Crown S5E04 thru S5E06 - Annus Horribilis, The Way Ahead, Ipatiev House

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David Chen and @joyonapping are covering The Crown season 5 in three installments:

  • Episodes 1-3
  • Episodes 4-6 (this episode)
  • Episodes 7-10

Today, we discuss The Crown Season 5 episodes 4-6, “Annus Horribilis,” “The Way Ahead,” and “Ipatiev House.” How does show manage the evolution of Elizabeth/Phillip’s marriage? How well does it tie in historical events with what’s happening during the show? Why is there a startling lack of Diana and Charles this season? And why on earth is this show doing Charles image rehab after the events of season 4? Listen to hear us discuss all this and more! subscribers: To add the premium feed of Decoding TV to your podcast app, go to and follow the instructions.


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