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The Crown S5E01 thru S5E03 - Queen Victoria Syndrome, The System, Mou Mou

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After a long wait, all episodes of The Crown Season 5 are finally here! David Chen and @joyonapping are planning to cover The Crown in three installments:

  • Episodes 1-3 (this episode)
  • Episodes 4-6
  • Episodes 7-10

This is our first time covering a binge-release show on Netflix so if you have any thoughts on this approach, feel free to email us at It won’t change our plans for this season but could for future seasons.

Today, we discuss The Crown Season 5 episodes 1-3, “Queen Victoria Syndrome,” “The System,” and “Mou Mou.” How does this season continue the Diana/Charles storyline? How does the new cast work for us so far? Did the writing of Andrew Morton’s book really go down like it does in the show? How exciting is carriage racing as a sport? Are the metaphors more clunky this season or is it just our imagination? All this and more on this week’s episode of Decoding TV! subscribers: To add the premium feed of Decoding TV to your podcast app, go to and follow the instructions.


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