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Deathbed Discs

#03 Mark Lemon

Season 1, Ep. 3

In this third episode Jade chats to Mark Lemon, the award-winning children’s author, broadcaster, grief and mental health speaker and bereavement ambassador for the Children’s charity, Winston’s Wish. We talk about everything from how time teaches us to wear our grief, to all the signals and number that can bring us great comfort when we need it most.

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  • 2. Alejandra Smits

    Welcome back to Deathbed Discs, on todays episode I’m talking to my good friend Alejandra Smits about our funerals, psychedelics and the importance of humour when it comes to death and life really - I hope you enjoy it. 
  • 1. S2 #01 - Sam Genders

    Welcome back to Season #02 of Deathbed Discs. Today I am joined by the wonderful Sam Genders from the band Tunng. On this fantastic episode we talk all things After Life, how to talk to people who are grieving and how the most important thing in life may just be connection and love. Disclaimer / Correction: Lay Me Low was not inspired by a Quaker hymn but a Shaker hymn.
  • 9. #09 Poppy Chancellor

    For episode nine I am joined by the ever inspirational Poppy Chancellor. Artist and founder of the online Instagram account, The Griefcase. Our conversation was so special. We covered everything from death plans to language when speaking about death, to the importance of art when healing. We also listened to some incredible life-affirming all inspiring tunes.
  • 8. #8 Claire Yurika Davis

    I am so excited for this week's episode with the iconic Claire Yurika, aka The High Priestexx, and founder of Hangar and the more recently Cogdis Studio. Over a zoom from Ibiza to Dublin we spoke about toxic positivity and how it has captivated our generation, as well as why endings are not bad, how Tarot can relate to Death. We listened to some banging tunes, amongst others some hits from Erykah Badu and System of a Down. Claire had her own funeral down to a T and it was an absolute pleasure to enjoy her talk about it.
  • 7. #7 Felicity Warner

    On this episode, I sat down over zoom with the incredible Felicity Warner, founder of the Soulmidwives movement, Death Doula amongst many other things. We had the most beautiful time listening to some incredible funeral tunes, as well as talking about how to best plan our funerals, what we can be doing if we're near the Dying, and how love is the most important thing when it comes to Death. Love, love, love. I hope you enjoy this episode! J x
  • 6. #06 Ted Dewan

    On this sixth episode, I catch up with the legendary Ted Dewan, author, animator, and artist extraordinaire. We talk about funerals, music that we love, birth, and everything in between. Ted also brought some beautiful song choices which I enjoyed listening to so much. I hope you all enjoy this great episode.
  • 5. #05 Rachel Wilson

    On this episode I chat to the amazing Rachel Wilson, founde of the Grief Network. We chat about anticipatory grief, language surrounding cancer, how to cope through grief and about coming back as Whippets all whilst listening to some amazing tunes.
  • 4. #04 Guvna B

    This week we’re joined by the incredibly multi talented rapper, broadcaster, sports pundit (yes!) and double Mobo award winner Guvna B. On this episode we listen to some insane tunes whilst discussing male masculinity, vulnerability and how to approach Death with little ones amongst many other things.