Death By Design


Justin Yopp, PhD

Season 3, Ep. 22

The Group offers a singular perspective on grief by weaving together the latest thinking on bereavement, resiliency and post-traumatic growth with the true story of seven men who were raising children on their own after the deaths of their wives. The men connected with each almost immediately, and over the next several years forged a deep bond as their monthly meetings evolved into a forum for healing and personal reinvention that transformed them in unexpected ways.

The authors co-led the support group and partnered with the men to write their story, which is interspersed with the latest in bereavement research conveyed in an easily relatable way. The fathers' touching efforts to care for themselves, their families, and each other offers a gripping narrative that shows how each of us has the potential to rebuild new and meaningful lives.


Powerful, enlightening and hopeful, The Group will help you make sense of grief and inspire you to reimagine your life moving forward.

Justin Yopp, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he directs the pediatric psycho-oncology consultation services within the UNC Comprehensive Cancer Support Program.

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Rachel Kodanaz

Season 3, Ep. 59
“Nobody likes to sit down and listen to a talk about life’s challenges. But somehow, Rachel makes it all Okay. Her warmth and sensitivity, and especially her story, enables us to hear brutal honesty and embrace it, rather than fear it. Bravo, Rachel Kodanaz.”—Ora DeMorrow, Senior Financial Advisor, Vice President Merrill LynchNo one knows better how to embrace life’s challenges than Rachel herself. Overcoming her own adversity of being widowed at 31 years old with a 2-year-old daughter, she “wows” audiences with her down-to-earth, current and relevant presentations – helping attendees to reach their potential by embracing and learning from all of life’s complexities. Having worked in management for Fortune 100 companies, she is fully aware of the see-saw created when personal and professional challenges collide.Rachel has been speaking passionately to national audiences of all sizes for 20 years, addressing all aspects of change, growth, and acceptance that comes with embracing life’s challenges – those expected and unexpected. Through her books, Living with Loss, One Day at a Time and Grief in the Workplace, Rachel offers a wealth of knowledge, inspiration and practical advice for those who have lost a loved one or are supporting someone who has lost a loved one.​On October 1, 2019, Rachel released her third book, Finding Peace, One Piece at a Time. This book providesencouragement and tools for those seeking to down-size, right-size or sortthrough a loved one’spossessions. Whether they are in physical or electronic form, those possessions tell the story of the person’s life. Rachel’s book shares practical ways to thin, repurpose, and redistribute these possessions so they continue to share the story with future generations.Rachel is available for speaking appearances, educational programs, interviews and community outreach.