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Dear Harry/Spock

Star Trek, Pokemon Red, Batman, Robot Wars

Season 1, Ep. 7

Erotic Robot Wars fan fiction from David McIver, Chazz Redhead combines Pokemon Red with Bob Newhart and Idil Sukan gives us her hot take on Star Trek transporter accidents. Plus a sketch about Batman performed by Charlie Kemp and Jonathan Broke

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  • 8. The X-Files, Thomas The Tank Engine, Star Trek: TNG

    Our final episode of this series! We have The X Files fan fiction from host Ellen Waddell, Thomas the Tank Engine fun from Rob Frimston and Juliette Burton and a sketch from Star Trek: TNG universe from Idil Sukan and Angus Dunican.
  • 6. AI Harry Potter, My Immortal and The Muppets

    Computer generated Harry Potter fan-fiction, as read by Jez Brown, a short oral history on the daddy of all fan-fiction, My Immortal, a pokemon rap from Shawn Hoult and Juliette Burton dazzles us with her love for all things The Muppets.
  • 5. Queen Elizabeth & Harry Styles, James Bond, Radiohead

    Comedy Duo Shelf perform their Elizabeth 1st/Harry Styles cross over fan fiction (IT'S SO GRIPPING), Alice Fraser gives us her novel take on James Bond and we finish off with Steve Dawson's Radiohead fan fiction song.
  • 4. Argus Filch, Game of Thrones, Los Campesinos!

    Argus Filch's origin story is revealed by Pierre Novellie, Game of Thrones fan fiction (with a suprise twist) from Ed Daw and we finish off with some Los Campesinos! fan fiction from David McIver. Plus we have the best advice from the movies, written by Steve Dawson and performed by Katherine Bennett Fox and Charlie Kemp
  • 3. Eastenders, Martin Lewis and Elizabethan Penis Portraiture

    Eastenders fan fiction from Sooz Kempner, our host Ellen Waddell talks about her love for money saving expert Martin Lewis and we finish with some Renaissance Dick Portraiture from Alice Sanders. Plus we have an exclusive trailer for the new Star Trek TV show, written by Jules Garnett and performed by Jonathan Broke, Katherine Bennett Fox and Charlie Kemp
  • 1. Star Wars, Harry Potter and The Simpsons

    It’s our very first episode! We have 'Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker' fan fiction from Joz Norris, 'Harry Potter' fan fiction from Asha Cluer and 'The Simpsons' fan fiction from David McIver. And a bonus Poltergeist inspired sketch written by Steve Dawson and performed by Katherine Bennett Fox and Charlie Kemp
  • 2. James Bond, Russell Brand and Indiana Jones vs Peggy Carter

    We have James Bond fan fiction from Chris Stokes, Russell Brand fan fiction from Kelly Maria and an Indiana Jones and Peggy Carter team up from Charlie V Martin. Plus a bonus Star Trek themed sketch written by Idil Sukan, and performed by Idil and Angus Dunican
  • Trailer!

    Trailer for the upcoming Dear Harry/Spock a comedy fan-fiction podcast where top comedians read out their original fan fiction for your listening pleasure. Expect sexy tales of Harry Potter! Weird Star Wars spin-offs! Rock ballads about Star Trek! And improved endings for Game of Thrones! A podcast for anyone who has ever cared way too much about anything.