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#160 Freddy Gets Stage Fright

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Women should live in a town full of bears. Kendrick and and Drake have been having a right kerfuffle. Freddy gets intimidated by Rob at a urinal.

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  • #168 Tiddlyjinx

    Freddy thinks we need to change his name because he’s not fat, and wants to get rid of hills because he’s too fat. Also Fat Olympics. It’s a very fat heavy episode. What else did you expect?
  • #E167 Paul In The Mud with Teddy Grey

    Youtuber Teddy Grey joins us to talk about Jay Slater and the Mum detectives of Facebook, and we have a new idea for a tattoo.Follow Teddy here
  • #166 Racey Lang with Mick Ferry

    Use discount code DMT25 for some new gear at Ferry joins to discuss the ups and downs of mountaineering, why adults need to stop speaking children, and Rob’s reaction to a crisis
  • #165 Pasta From a Mechanic

    Use discount code DMT25 for some new gear at you accept pasta from a mechanic? Is there a better alternative to a minute’s silence? And should we be shredding our poo?
  • #164 Fat Wife Vs. Old Husband with Kat Baker

    FREE BEER! Use discount code DMT25 for some new gear at creator Kat Baker joins the Dead Men as we dissect a trouble marriage
  • #163 Beyonce or Chips?

    Use discount code DMT25 for some new gear at sensibly debate the benefits of National Service, decide whether Beyonce is better than chips and discuss Freddy’s new film role
  • #162 The Pettiest Man in the World

    Use discount code DMT25 at’s been on holiday, Freddy finds some quicksand, we talk dubious usernames.
  • #161 Pet Rocks with Dean Coughlin

    Dean Coughlin joins us as Rob tells us about the worst new comedy act ever, we think about getting a pet rock, and Rob has had some life changing news.