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Dakota Town Hall

Sorry about the noise last week

Season 5, Ep. 59

Back with a fan favorite - D13 Rep Tony Venhuizen. He had a heavy lift of major bills this week. The boys chat about Noem being VP, Pipeline compromises, various funding projects, men's prisons, and childcare. A healthy dose of West River candidate updates, with a robust new candidate roundup! Live from DC next week - @dakotatownhall @jakeshoenbeck @Tony_Venhuizen @murdocj

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  • 71. Jesus, You're Late for Dinner

    It's bugs on the windshield season, as Murdoc is in Sioux Falls - so we're in person from the KELO studios for some Sioux Falls District Spotlights. D11 Rep Brian Mulder and D13 Rep and State Historian Tony Venhuizen. Jesus, you're late for dinner. Reservations v Noem 9/9.
  • 70. The Lord, Pipelines, and HOT GOSS

    District Spotlights: 8 and 21! Jim Halverson joins the show from District 21 and Sen Casey Crabtree is back to discuss District 8, along with other races around the state. The Return of Hot Goss minutes before the Noem press conference to update us on Cricketgate and some ballot chat.(Hot Goss Mugs coming soon) The best political spot you've heard all year. @JakeShoenbeck @DakotaTownHall @AustinGossSD @CrabtreeCasey
  • 69. SD Trade Ya

    From West River, SD Strong founding member Denise Maher discusses the upcoming primary. We check in with Luke Lindberg, CEO of South Dakota Trade for a fascinating conversation about international business in South Dakota. D30 being D30, along with the latest national press disasters that may or may not be happening. @jakeshoenbeck @dakotatownhall @murdocj
  • 68. The Cricket Episode

    Are you a Governor having a bad political week? Relax with an episode of Dakota Town Hall. District Spotlights: D34 Senate candidate Jason Green comes on the show along with D4 House candidate Steph Sauder. Sharpen your canines for the Cricket chatter and STOP PULLING OUT YOUR GUNS AT FORUMS.
  • 67. District Spotlights Continue - 34 and 35

    District Spotlights continue! We take a break from Sioux Falls and its taxidermy troubles to focus on Rapid City / The Hills. (written by Murdoc) D34 and D35 District Spotlights. Senate candidate Taffy Howard joins us for D34 and then over in Rapid Valley Senator Mike Walsh joins the show to discuss his Elsworth Task Force and District 35. Mailer advice: Religious > Ridiculous.
  • 66. Larry Pressler. Thirst Trap

    Welcome back to District 9 spotlight, with D9 House candidate Kristi Golden. Larry "Hot Pants" Pressler. A surprise visit from our historian and D13 candidate Tony Venhuizen! Tribal relations, throwing candy, your buddy Toby... And a solid congrats to Sen Rohl! @DakotaTownHall @JakeShoenbeck @Murdocj @Tony_Venhuizen @GoldenKristi
  • 65. Seven Point Seven Percent?

    It's South Dakota Campaign Season! Our first DTH District Spotlight interview with D30 Senate Candidate Amber Hulse. The Friendliest Thunderdome in Western SD! Alex Jensen also comes on the show to discuss the upcoming runoff in Sioux Falls, plus shame your turnout numbers a little. FW3 - The Franchise continues!
  • 64. Foreign Policy in 3 minutes

    What was supposed to be an interview about his primary race, Dusty joins the show with an in depth conversation about bipartisan bills, infrastructure, ocean shipping and supply chain, China, TikTok - and some local races. Then updates on local races and state-wide issues in South Dakota this week.
  • 63. New Candidate Rodeo 2024

    The deadline has passed and we finally get a (nearly complete) look at this year's primary races. We run through the districts and mention some races of note so far. (Lookin at you D30) BONUS CONTENT: Murdoc joined The Dakota Scout's Scouting Report. @JakeShoenbeck, @DakotaTownHall, @DakotaScoutJoe, @DakotaScoutJon