Podcast: Kath Blackham of Versa

Season 1, Ep. 61

By June Ramli

Edited by Fazleena Aziz

Starting a Business Post Maternity

Welcome to another episode with 30 minutes with DailyStraits.com. Our guest today is Kath Blackham – founder and CEO of VERSA. Melbourne- based VERSA is a digital transformation agency that is powered by Conversational AI.

The company helps heads of marketing, customer service, and digital transformation to integrate conversational, voice, and AI technologies. The results: her clients have been able to create better conversations and experiences with their customers.

Kath, who hails from New Zealand made news headlines in Australia two years ago for giving her workers off on Wednesdays which she says has resulted in higher productivity within her company. So, today we are gonna catch up with Kath about how she got her start in the business world and some of the challenges she faced in building her company from the ground up.

Kath is part of DailyStraits.com’s latest podcast series where we feature the best of New Zealand’s entrepreneurs.

To date, the series has featured the founder of Blunt umbrellas Greig Brebner, the founder of Ashley & Co Jackie Ashley, Lizzi Whaley of Spaceworks, Aaron McDonald of Centrality, Lauren Peate of Multitudes, Vaughan Reed of Vibe.fyi, Gavin Oliver of Eco Zip and Chris South of Roi-AI.

Without further ado, let’s listen to her interview here.

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