EP 57: Elliot Dellys of Phronesis Security

Season 2, Ep. 21

Learning About The Dark Web 

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with DailyStraits.com. Our guest today is Melbourne-based Elliot Dellys, the CEO and founder of Cybersecurity firm, Phronesis Security.

Phronesis Security works directly with government agencies and technology start-ups to provide pragmatic security solutions and cybersecurity consultation.

They specialise in world-class governance, risk and compliance services, cutting-edge penetration testing, innovative security architecture, tailored security awareness and education campaigns, as well as security management and strategy through its proven vCISO offering.

Our chat with Dellys today would revolve around a myriad of topics including the recent cyber attacks that Australian businesses are experiencing and what sort of little things can start-ups or small businesses do to safeguard their business from being attacked on the internet.

In this podcast, we discuss:

  • What is Phronesis Security?
  • What are the repercussions of having your data exposed on the dark web?
  • Let’s move the conversation to startups or small businesses that are operating from home? How does one ensure that their business does not fall prey to any cyberattacks? Some tips please
  • Advice for anyone wanting to start their own cybersecurity business?

Without further ado, let’s listen and watch the interview with Dellys here.


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EP 61: Chef Mel Alafaci of Culinary Quickies

Season 2, Ep. 24
Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with DailyStraits.com. Our guest today is Chef Mel Alafaci, a Brisbane-based chef and author is taking on the world, transforming unhappy domestic chefs who are frustrated and failing in their kitchens, to confident, happy foodies.Her unique cooking style and culinary lingo has even experienced foodies adapting her shortcuts and hacks in the kitchen transforming everyday local produce into show stopping meals. Best of all she loves upcycling seasonal produce and budget basics into sensational masterpieces, boasting that she can make any ingredient or plate of food look 'then bucks more expensive.’ Alafaci’s love of cooking stems from her African roots. She lived in remote areas of Zimbabwe and South Africa where cooking was her only source of entertainment. If she found a recipe in a book, there were no shopping centres, so she had to improvise.This is where Alafaci learnt to do amazing things with basic ingredients. She loves to make things look more expensive than they really are…With one cookbook  published and another two on the way,  our chat with Mel today is going to revolve around how to cook and save thousands on groceries, plus other cheffy tips.Without further ado, let’s welcome Chef Alafaci to the show.In this podcast, we discuss: What are some of the top cheffy skills that you can dish out to our listeners to keep things fresh which can inevitably save one thousands of dollars each year. How does one shop like a chef and grab the bargains and know what to do with them?What is the best way to devise a  meal plan or a list of mix and match recipes that is  quick and easy to make and much more.

EP 59: Dr Kathryn Evans of Advance Australia Fairly

Season 2, Ep. 23
By June Ramli Giving Women A Fair Go  The belief in a ‘fair go’ is embedded in Australian society, yet gender inequality continues to be a problem and it's holding the economy back. SSo what can be done about this ongoing inequality and why should Australia as a nation care? Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with DailyStraits.com.When it comes to gender equality in Australia, one person has heaps of things to say about this topic.And that one person is Dr Kathryn Evans. Evans recently penned a book titled Advance Australia Fairly- on why there is a need for Australia to have a national plan for gender equality to drive the nation’s success. She is the Australian Managing Director of a multinational biotechnology company. As a qualified pharmacist, Kathryn made her mark as a top salesperson for companies such as Roche, Cochlear and Sanofi, before going on to earn her MBA.She was awarded a Doctor of Business Administration in 2019 for her influential research on women in senior leadership, and in 2020 her research findings were published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources.Our chat with Evans is going to revolve around the book itself and how Australian business can do better by incalculating more women in the top management. In this podcast, we discuss:   As a woman in a high position in a multinational company, how hard was it for you to climb the corporate ladder?In most offices, workers are barred from discussing our salaries with our co-workers in the open, but generally men do get paid more because of the traditional concept that they are breadwinners of a family and hence they need more pay. So, with all of this in mind, how do you propose that we close the gender pay gap among men and women in Australia?How can Australian businesses support more women to participate more fully in our labour market and more… Without further ado, let’s listen and watch the interview with Evans here: *** To our listeners out there, we have one signed copy to give away to our Australian-based listeners. Just email us your name and address to editor@dailystraits.com and we will be sure to send you the copy as we can. Thank you.