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DadPod with Charlie Clausen and Osher Günsberg

Re-thinking kids and their calories with food author Alice Zaslavsky

Season 4, Ep. 22

With Charlie away in Europe on the trans-Europe express, Zoë Norton-Lodge steps up to the light to be DadPod‘s first guest Charlie.

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  • 25. Tough Choices: which footy team will your baby barrack for?

    It’s 2023 and OG and CX have found the DadPod laptop full of listener questions under a pile of paper plates next to the potato salad.(This podcast was recorded ankle-deep in an icy esky)
  • 24. A Very DadPod Christmas

    Osher and Charlie reconvene before the silly season and compare notes on pseudo-Santas, timing of gifts and family gatherings.
  • 23. The Restaurant Conundrum: Screen or Scream? With Alice Zaslavsky

    OG and guest Charlie, Zoë Norton-Lodge chat again to food writer Alice Zaslavsky about how to wrangle kids in restaurants.
  • 21. Charlie went to Europe and all I got was this lousy podcast

    While Charlie is on holidays, OG went through the archives and found some awesome chats about food and tantrums, with guests Paediatric Dietitian Dr Karina Savage, Developmental and Behavioural Paediatrician Dr Anthea Rhodes, Professor Justin Coulson and broadcaster, author and mum-dad Yumi Stynes.Vote for DadPod at the 2022 iHeartRadio Podcast Awards!
  • 20. DadPod QnA - Diff'rent Spokes

    OG and Charlie take more questions from and @dadpodgram.G is excited that Charlie got a bike, plus we cover identity crises and Dad Rage.
  • 19. DadPod QnA: Parenting wins!

    This week, Charlie and G tackle your questions.Want to ask us something?  
  • 18. Sit Happens with Dr Justin Coulson

    OG and Charlie talk with Dr Justin Coulson about staying on top of your mental health and introducing your kids to babysitters.
  • 17. Croup! (There It Is) With Dr Sarah Verdon Pedemont

    G and Charlie talk to speech pathologist and early childhood researcher Sarah Verdon Pedemont, about the best way to channel you child's developmental spurts. And what happens when your child has a cough that makes you want to call an exorcist?