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Yeah, I know. This thing again.

Father's Day should be acknowledged though.

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  • World's Best Dad, World's Shittest Mug - Father's Day 2023

    Yes, it is your favourite pseudo parenting biannual podcast Dad Pants!Rich, Ben, Matt and Stu return for Father's Day 2023 and there is an extra special reason to celebrate, not just general Dad awesomeness. AN ANGRY CHIMP PODCASTWould you like to know exactly what's fucked today in around 2 minutes of your precious time? Check out the "What's Fucked Today?" podcast -
  • Dad Pants 2022 Xmas Special

    The decorations are coming down, the tree is put away and we lazily ponder the new year fast approaching. Christmas is done and dusted for another year. Stu checks in with the Pants Panel to see how everyone did ..... essentially, did everyone get through unscathed?What was Rich's final ham count? Did Ben have PRCS (Post Retail Christmas Stress) Syndrome? Did Matt enjoy watching Carols yet again?Join us!
  • Dad and Son Creative Agency

    Stu can't get any Pants Panel members involved this week for love nor money (lazy sods) so his son Dylan comes on to chat a bit about what makes a good dad, what makes a good kid and Christmas.
  • Winter Wonderland

    Now here’s a voice you haven’t heard in some time, and a new Canadian. Monty’s back and he had brought a another dad in to talk new arctic dadding challenges and the lawn mowing of the great white north: snow blowing.
  • Forced Brown Strip

    A full Pants Panel on deck as Rich, Ben and Matt join Stu to deliver some dad bits of varying quality to your brain. We have:November Canberra Feels likesWorld Cup thoughtsBein a redundo dadFillin’ in the poolNew car EllisA commandment forgottenANDACTUAL parenting advice.This episode sponsored by Isuzu and Poise (not really)
  • Schrodinger's Waterfall

    THE CHAFELESS, WHICH WAS I ...It's a Dadpants one on one as Stu engages Ben in the dad matters.More chafe chat, some convoy work, high school issues and some things to clear up from last episode.....
  • Hangin' in the Pipes

    Dad Pants is back - later than promised but how much do you care really?We have Monty's winter bits, a grape update, creeping rivers, Dad’s covering up their mistakes and a surprise guest in the second half with some chafe chat and, sadly, much much more.The content takes a real turn in the second half of the episode, so if you don't want to get too personal with your hosts I would stop it when we go to the break .....
  • A Taste of Dad Pants

    A few clips from Dad Pants that give a good summary of what the show is all about (even though slow-cooked pork isn't mentioned once)