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Hangin' in the Pipes

Dad Pants is back - later than promised but how much do you care really?

We have Monty's winter bits, a grape update, creeping rivers, Dad’s covering up their mistakes and a surprise guest in the second half with some chafe chat and, sadly, much much more.

The content takes a real turn in the second half of the episode, so if you don't want to get too personal with your hosts I would stop it when we go to the break .....

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  • Dadding Check-in

    3 (ish) years ago, Stu asked the Pants Panel some questions about their parenting in the "Get To Know The Pants Panel" episodes. In this Dadding Check-In episode, Stu is interested to find out whether the Dad Experts answer the same questons in the same way or if they have changed as Dads.You'll hear about Bum-warmth, Whim-parenting, and a truly excellent pun if I do say so myself as the deliverer of said pun.WARNING - The show tries several times to turn into the Teacher Podcast but we claw our way back to dadness.SPOILER - There is some actual useful parenting talk in here. We apologise.#thefartgapisrealAN ANGRY CHIMP PODCAST
  • The Fart Gap

    There is so much injustice in this world.In this explosive episode of Dad Pants - spider dramas, a listener question and a piece of sexism that every man has been subjected to at some point in his life.AN ANGRY CHIMP PODCAST
  • I Got Tradied

    Matt finds a book bursting with dad flavour and there has been another flashpoint in the long-running Cold War between Stu and tradies ...
  • The Parent Shelf

    You think you have heard Dad whinges before? Strap in! Old man Buckland needs assistance, kids helping (kind of), biscuit hacks and oh my god, prices these days!Behold the wonderous bounty of the parent shelf!This episode is sponsored by KFC (although they don't know that yet)
  • Elephant Shower

    Annoying old buggers, dishwasher issues, novelty checklists and how much does being able to whistle raise your dadness levels?You can get more dad-involved - Follow the Dad Pants social, join the Dad Pants Facebook group and tell a Dad you know!AN ANGRY CHIMP PODCAST
  • Shuck the Corn

    New Year, New Pants! Not really.....The Dads reconvene to help Stu with a few issues including a Christmas Dadfession and an encounter that shook his Dadness to the core!AN ANGRY CHIMP PODCAST

    In the last Xmas special of this three episode series, we talk Xmas bits (obviously), old man showing off to his kids and paying the price and disappointing HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM.Featuring Matt's wife Juzzy.See ya in 2024!

    Another bunch of random clips from the 2016 Xmas Special featuring Stu, Ben, Rich and Matt from the Podcast that shall not be named. Xmas dealbreakersChristmas Light PressurePet PressureRich's ShameChicken and chip problemsAnd more! Enjoy this offering of pants straight from the bottom drawer!Happy Xmas to you all.

    Prior to making the Dad Pants podcast, Stu and the Pants Panel hosted another show that has since been wiped from the record.There are a few Xmassy bits and bobs someone out there might like (perhaps) so I have wopped togther a few clips from the 2015 Xmas episode of "The Podcast That Shall not Be Named"*, including Wiggo Boxing Day Whinge, Foamy Backdoor Surprise and a LOOOOONG Xmas Eve journey. *The actual name of the show was not "The Podcast That Shall Not Be Named", that's just what it is being called currently in a slightly humourous fashion. However, "The Podcast That Shall Not Be Named" is actually a good name for a podcast so I am going to hold on to that.....