D4B Debates - Panel Discussions on the coup in Burma

A 4-Part Democracy for Burma (#D4B) Campaign Podcast Series

Recorded live over four weeks with a series of expert panellists, this podcast series explores the February 2021 coup in Burma / Myanmar.

Each week D4B campaign Co-founder Shane Brady hosts a panel of three speakers; each carefully selected to help you explore the following issues;

  • D4B Debate No 1 - Background to the Burma Coup (Recorded Sunday 16th May 2021)
  • D4B Debate No 2 - CRPH & the National Unity Government (NUG) and the international response to the coup (Recorded Sunday 23rd May 2021)
  • D4B Debate No 3 - Australia's role in Burma (Recorded Sunday 30th May 2021)
  • D4B Debate No 4 - Humanitarian Assistance in Burma (Recorded Sunday 6th June 2021)

Each podcast starts with introductions before moving onto facilitated panel discussion. At the end of each session, host Shane Brady opens the panel to Q&A participation from the audience.

Panel Recording Venue: The Art Syndicate gallery – 344 Bourke Street, Surry Hills Sydney Australia.