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Making Summer Reading Something to Look Forward To

Season 1, Ep. 17

As we enter summer, our teachers have supported students with making plans for summer reading. In this episode, we welcome Dr. Amy Stewart, District Literacy Specialist, and Michelle Gonzalez, Central Reading Specialist, to discuss ways parents can support their children with reading over the summer. Enjoy information on:

  • Research behind the value of summer reading
  • Tools parents can utilize to support student reading motivation 
  • Ideas for great books to read and share

Summer Reading Note & Ideas/Links-2024

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  • 16. Real Talk: How are smart phones impacting our kids?

    It seems to be the #1 topic on parents’ and teachers’ minds…how are smartphones impacting our children? In this episode, Dr. Wang speaks with a Glencoe parent about what we are noticing and wondering when it comes to our children’s phone usage. Topics addressed will include:The interactions parents and educators are noticing our children have via phonesRecent research and articles presenting ideas about this topicWays we can support our children and each other in living a balanced life
  • 15. Mindfulness in D35

    For the past 5 years, D35 has partnered with Julie Freeman to provide dedicated Mindfulness instruction to students K-8. This May, some of our West classrooms are piloting a 21-day mindfulness challenge for our students, staff, and families. In this episode, Dr. Wang and Julie discuss:The benefits of mindfulnessThe ways we have partnered to bring mindfulness instruction to studentsThe details of the 21-day Mindfulness ChallengeSpecial thanks to the Glencoe PTO for funding this learning experience for our students and staff.
  • 14. Poetry in Motion at West School

    Each year, West School invites Bill Buczinsky to lead a poetry learning experience for the 3rd graders. In today’s episode, Dr. Wang talks with Mr. Buczinsky about his work with the children. During the conversation, they will touch on:The role poetry can play in learningThe idea that poetry lives within each of usThe performances students make at WestSpecial thanks to the Glencoe PTO for funding this learning experience for our students.
  • 13. The Importance of Play

    In this episode, Dr. Wang talks with Dr. Kelly Zonghetti, South School Principal, as well as a variety of South School students. Topics discussed will include:The role of play at South SchoolWays parents can incorporate play at homeStudents sharing their views on playIf you are interested in learning more about social emotional learning at South School, you can visit our website at
  • 12. Project Lead the Way

    In this episode, Dr. Wang talks with Clair Durkes, Central Project Lead the Way teacher, and Ellie, a 7th grade student, about the Project Lead the Way course D35 offers students. Topics discussed will include:Project Lead the Way approach and what you might see in the classroomSkill sets the course enhancesThe student perspective on what they most value about the courseIf you are interested in learning more about D35’s Project Lead the Way course, you can visit our website at:
  • 11. Connecting with Our Children

    In this episode, Dr. Wang talks with Molly Pope, an Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant specializing in supporting children, families, and classrooms. She has worked with young children and families as a school psychologist for 17 years. Topics discussed will include:Enhancing connection with your children, even when you are feeling frustratedWays to support your children in managing their emotionsStrategies to try to support your family’s well-beingIf you are interested in learning more about Molly Pope’s coaching and consulting services, you can visit her website at:
  • 10. The Path to New Trier

    In this episode, Dr. Wang talks with Mrs. Lori Worth, New Trier Northfield Campus Transition Specialist about the transition process from Central to New Trier. She also interviews Alexa, a current 9th grade student, who recently transitioned to New Trier from Central. Topics discussed will include:What to expect in the coming months for 8th grade parents and studentsWays parents can support their child during the transition processWhat students can expect during the transition processIf you are interested in learning more about the transition to New Trier, you can visit their webpage for incoming freshmen at:
  • 9. A Conversation with Devorah Heitner about Growing Up In Public

    In this episode, Dr. Wang talks with Dr. Devorah Heitner, author of Screenwise and Growing Up in Public. Dr. Heitner has written articles about children and technology that have been published in The Washington Post and New York Times. They delve into topics such as mentoring vs. monitoring when it comes to digital tools, ways to support our children in thinking critically about posting and engaging in online dialogue, and considerations to help you determine your child's readiness for various tech tools and apps.If you are interested in learning more from Dr. Heitner, you can view her presentation to D35 parents from November 14, 2023 or purchase her book Growing Up in Public.