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Customer Experience (CX) Management

E19 - Blockchain and customer experiences

Season 2, Ep. 19

In this podcast, Carlos interviews Dr. Teck Ming (Terence) Tan ( about his work on blockchain technology and customer experiences. The discussion is based on the following published paper: Tan, T. M., & Salo, J. (in press). Ethical Marketing in the Blockchain-Based Sharing Economy: Theoretical Integration and Guiding Insights. Journal of Business Ethics.

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  • 45. E45 - Humour and advertising

    “Humour is a way to show that you are smart without bragging.” ― Mark TwainIn this podcast, Carlos Velasco interviews Chi Hoang, Klemens Knöferle, and Luk Warlop about their work on humour and advertising. This interview is based on this article: Hoang, C., Knöferle, K., & Warlop, L. (2023). Using different advertising humor appeals to generate firm-level warmth and competence impressions. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 40, 741-759
  • 44. E44 - Multisensory food experiences in extended reality

    In this podcast, Carlos Velasco interviews Dr. Janice Wang and Dr. Francisco Barbosa Escobar about their work on multisensory extended reality food experiences. This interview is based on this project and these articles:Barbosa Escobar, F., Petit, O., & Velasco, C. (2021). Virtual terroir and the premium coffee experience. Frontiers in Psychology, 12:586983.Barbosa Escobar, F., & Wang, Q. J. (2023). Climate Crisis: A Proof-of-concept using social media-based augmented reality lens as behavioural intervention. In 15th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium: Meeting New Challenges in a Changing World.Kleinberger, R., van Troyer, A., Wang, Q. J. (2023). Auditory seasoning filters: Altering food perception via augmented sonic feedback of chewing sounds. In CHI ’23: ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, April 23 -28, 2023, Hamburg, Germany. ACM, New York.Nivedhan, A., Mielby, L. A., & Wang, Q. J. (2020). The influence of emotion-oriented extrinsic visual and auditory cues on coffee perception: A virtual reality experiment. Companion Publication of the 2020 International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, 301–306.Petit, O., Velasco, C., Wang, Q. J., & Spence, C. (2022). Consumer consciousness in multisensory extended reality. Frontiers in Psychology, 13:851753Velasco, C., Barbosa Escobar, F., Petit, O., & Wang, Q. J. (2021). Impossible (food) experiences in extended reality. Frontiers in Computer Science, 3:716846.
  • 43. E43 - Aesthetic preferences

    In this podcast, Carlos Velasco interviews Dr. Enric Munar and Dr. Erick Chuquichambi about their work on aesthetic preferences. The interview is based on this article: Chuquichambi, E. G., Vartanian, O., Skov, M., Corradi, G. B., Nadal, M., Silvia, P. J., & Munar, E. (2022). How universal is preference for visual curvature? A systematic review and meta‐analysis. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1518(1), 151-165.
  • 42. E42 - Sonic branding and experiences

    In this podcast, Carlos Velasco interviews Prof. Charles Spence (University of Oxford) about his work on sonic branding and experiences. The interview is based on this article: Keller, S. & Spence, C. (2023). Sounds like branding: Cognitive principles and crossmodal considerations for the design of successful sonic logos. Expert Journal of Marketing, 11, 91-117. And here, you can listen to some sonic logos.
  • 41. E41 - What makes brand names special? Insights from cognitive psychology

    In this episode, Carlos interviews Professor Manuel Perea and PhD student Melanie Labusch at the University of Valencia and PhD student from Nebrija University, about their work on brand names recognition and what makes brand names special, from the perspective of cognitive psychology.You can connect on them in their websites above, and also through their Twitter accounts: @LabuschMelanie, @merferlo, @ERILectura, @CINCnebrija.This podcast is based on the following articles:Labusch, Duñabeitia, J. A., & Perea, M. (submitted). Visual word identification beyond common words: The role of font and letter case in brand names.Perea, M., Baciero, A., Labusch, M., Fernández‐López, M., & Marcet, A. (2022). Are brand names special words? Letter visual‐similarity affects the identification of brand names, but not common words. British Journal of Psychology, 113(3), 835-852.
  • 40. E40 - Welcome to Season 4

    Welcome to Season 4 by Anders Gustafsson ( and Carlos Velasco ( at BI Norwegian Business School.
  • 39. E39 - What makes NFTs valuable?

    In this episode, Carlos interviews Associate Professors Tuba Yilmaz and Sofie Sagfossen about their work on what makes NFTs valuable.This podcast is based on the following article which has been just accepted for publication in the Journal of Business Research an will be accessible online during the next few weeks:Yilmaz, T., Sagfossen, S., & Velasco, C. (in press). What makes NFTs valuable to consumers? Perceived value drivers associated with NFTs liking, buying, and holding. Journal of Business Research.
  • 38. E38 - Luxury customer experiences: From concepts to practice

    In this episode, Carlos interviews Associate Professor Lewis Lim about his work and practice on luxury customer experiences in Singapore and beyond. For more information about Lewis, please visit his website: and LinkedIn:
  • 37. E37 - Customer experiences in Web 3.0.

    In this episode, Carlos interviews Viviek (aka @TheDegenCreator on Twitter) about his work and practice on customer experiences in Web 3.0. For more information about Viviek, please visit his Twitter account: or his LinkedIn: The book he recommends can be found here: Web3 Marketing