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Curiously Drawn

Mary O'Connell

Season 2, Ep. 9

Stand up comedian & writer Mary O'Connell talks about her choices - a nuclear war survivor Vampire girl with fabulous hair (who is occasionally an Emo boy voiced by Donald Glover), an Elvis style womaniser dealing with 90s feminism, and a chaotic pair of lovable antagonists who love dragging up and hanging out with their talking cat, and may or may not be doing it in their hot air balloon.

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  • 10. Chris McCrudden

    Author Chris McCrudden talks about his very 1980s, magic-and-kindness heavy choices - Princess Adora's Archer and Illusionist himbo friend; King Comics' 1920s magician turned adoptive dad and Defender of the Earth; and a little-remembered kindly old utopian scientist, voiced by Peter Ustinov.
  • 8. Laura Howell

    Beano & Manga artist Laura Howell talks to me about her choices - a boy who turns into a pig and has the world's worst sense of direction, the big, blue, incredibly late 90s culmination of Warner Bros' Spielberg-led postmodern kids show era, and - representing the recent sexy trend of 'hyper-capable male love interests to wackier, schlubbier women' - Japan's favourite former Yakuza turned suburban Househusband.
  • 7. Ella Watts

    Audio producer and director Ella Watts talks about her choices - a tragic anime military alchemist, a revolutionary warrior woman who is also a lesbian marriage in herself and an antarctic badass waterbending mom friend.
  • 6. Jack Bernhardt

    Comedy writer and podcaster Jack Bernhardt talks about his very PTSD Riddled choices - a lonely, grumpy one eyed mutant who thinks she's an alien, a grieving, out-of-her-depth 19-year-old trying to hold the remaining scraps of her family together and a yodellin' cowgirl with a tragic, traumatic past and decades worth of claustrophobia.
  • 5. Louise Blain

    Tech and Gaming journalist and BBC Radio 3's 'Sound of Gaming' presenter Louise Blain talks to me about her choices - a Bronze Age assassin, a flame haired vigilante hero and a twin pistol wielding, hot pants wearing, sensibly shod icon of female video game characters.
  • 4. Max Davis

    Comedy writer Max Davis talks to me about his choices - the quickly Fridged Ideal Spider-man, the malapropism prone Hormone Monster withe the good hair who ONNNLY takes Bubble Baths and the lovelorn, bespectacled Office Manager to a bunch of New York exorcists.
  • 3. Julia Raeside

    Journalist and Podcaster Julia Raeside talks about her very 80s crushes - a Spanish/Japanese cat based interpretation of Jules Verne's intrepid Gentleman Adventurer (who wears a full suit and top hat but no shoes), a French/Japanese scifi reimagining of Homer's original hapless traveller and Britain's ultimate superhero - a stupid man voiced by a clever man. I get to use the 'Anime Dad' klaxon for the first time, which is exciting.
  • 2. Nat Metcalfe

    Comedy writer and presenter Nat Mecalfe talks us through his very Mid Century Suburbia Heavy choices - Peanuts' pianist fancying antagonist Lucy Van Pelt, Bedrock's hot brunette housewife Betty Rubble and the stretchy motherlode of fretful, well-rounded middle-aged superheroism, Helen Parr.