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The Biology of Building the Life of Your Dreams, With Dr. Bruce Lipton

Ep. 42

“The job of the mind is to create coherence between our belief and our reality.”

Today I am joined by Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, who you may know as an internationally acclaimed leader in bridging science and spirit, a stem cell biologist and a bestselling author of The Biology of Belief. Recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award, Dr. Bruce Lipton has been a guest speaker on hundreds of TV and radio shows, as well as keynote presenter for national and international conferences, and it is an absolute pleasure to speak with this magnificent man today! 

Even if you’re familiar with Bruce’s work, you do NOT want to miss today’s insightfully energetic episode, as we go deep in discussing the field of epigenetics, and how science supports the idea that our character can be shaped just like a computer. Specifically, Bruce and I will be yacking about how and why the subconscious programming that happens in the first seven years of our lives often instills unresourceful beliefs within us, as well as how we can take control of our own programming through utilizing creativity and other states of consciousness. Trust me when I say this episode is absolutely going to blow your mind, my friend! Stay tuned to learn about the scientifically supported strategies you can use to start building the life of your dreams TODAY, instead of being a victim of previously programmed, self-limiting beliefs.

Tune into Episode 42 of Cure For The Common Life to hear more!

In this episode you will learn: Some background on Bruce Lipton (1:18), What we’ve been programmed to believe based on our genetic makeup, and what these misconceptions may threaten if we’re not proactive about them (3:30) How examining a computer can teach us about our functioning as human beings (6:06) What Bruce believes to be the most important programs that shape our lives (7:17) How the subdivisions of your brain make up who you are (10:38) The difference between genetics and epigenetics (11:43) Why your developmental program might be disempowering you and how to change it (17:14) How hatred can be passed down generationally, and what this means for the validity of our subconsciously supported beliefs (19:56) How we can transform our negative programming into resourceful beliefs and behaviors (25:15) Why and how quantum physics proves you are the creator of your own life (29:40) The average person’s problem when it comes to their subconscious programming, and how it can be combated through conscious creativity (30:15) What your various types of brain waves and states of consciousness can mean for your creativity (36:57) How I, JM3, use self hypnosis to program himself to wake up with empowered beliefs (39:59) Why it’s vital that you program yourself in the present tense (40:30) What our mind’s job is, (and how this can become “the game”), according to Bruce (43:00) The 3 ways we naturally put programs into our subconscious (50:15) What energy psychology is and what it can mean for your subconscious programming (52:47)

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