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Latest Episode8/4/2020

Understanding Emotional Intelligence & Removing Judgement From Fear with Deb Battersby)

Ep. 14
Today, I’m joined by Speaker and Success Coach at ‘Freedom Point System’ and ‘Success Matrix’, Deb Battersby! Deb has taken the time to generously share her insights and lessons she has learned in relation to how our emotions serve us and mould us into more emotionally intelligent individuals.Too often, feelings of anger, doubt and worry are deemed as ‘negative’ and we so rarely want to look at the deeper meaning that they can offer. Through exploring these emotions in greater detail, we can gain a deeper understanding into how our minds work and destigmatize the notion that they are simply ‘bad’ feelings.We discuss how the coping mechanisms we use to mask these thoughts are often developed from an early age, how we can learn to remove judgement from fear, and why all of our emotions are there to help and serve us in some way.To hear more, tune in to Episode 14 of Cure For The Common Life!Some Questions I Ask:Could you share your perspective on how fear influences people’s mindsets and how the work you do can help resolve that? (3:22)Where do you think the judgement comes from when it comes to how we perceive ‘negative’ emotions? (4:33)Do you think that the more we repress these feelings, the harsher the effects are on us subconsciously? (6:04)Do you think that our circumstances under the current pandemic are creating a deeper effect on us in relation to the judgement of our emotions? (6:59)What would you say to those out there who don’t have a deep understanding of personal development and how to tap into their emotions? (10:43)What can someone do once they figure out how a seemingly ‘negative’ emotion is serving them? (15:33)What would you say to yourself ten years from now? (24:03)In This Episode You Will Learn:An introduction on today’s guest, Deb Battersby (1:05)How we learn to develop coping mechanisms to repress strong emotions from an early age (6:16)How listening to our fears can lead to greater outcomes and reveal new approaches to situations that made us uncomfortable before (8:59)One of the elements behind ‘Freedom Point System’ (10:08)A story from one of Deb’s clients’ & What it taught her about how hatred serves us as human beings (13:22)Connect With Joseph McClendon III:WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagramConnect With Deb Battersby:Freedom Point Coaching - WebsiteSuccess Matrix - WebsiteEmail: support@freedompointcoaching.comPhone: (630) 830-0064

How to Attract Positivism Into Your Life

Ep. 13
In a world that constantly tells us we are not good enough and manipulates us into always searching for more, it is up to you to break down those barriers and create new, positive thoughts to become part of your identity instead.We attract what we create. When we create negative thoughts, put ourselves down, and relieve past pains, we are triggering our brain into turning these thoughts into beliefs. The constant repetition of the same thoughts keeps us from growing. It is our job to retrieve all of the good we have in our lives and choose to let those thoughts guide us.Today, I am thoroughly excited to share with you what I believe is the most important thing you can do to change your life’s trajectory: a tool that will help you out of the loop of past fears and negativity, and onto a path of self-love.At the end of each episode, I want you to walk away having learned a new tool or strategy that will help you reach your goals and thrive. Tune in to episode 13 of Cure for the Common Life, with myself, Joseph McClendon III, to boldly step up and dare to make your life magnificent.In this episode, you will learn:Why who we are is determined by our most constant thoughts. (05:01)Does being a positive person attracts luck into your life? (11:29)How optimism magnifies the essence of who you are. (17:02)What stimulates a person to be a certain way. (18:52)The three types of thoughts you need to be aware of. (27:36)Let’s Connect!WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagram

Lessons on Music, Nature, and Life

Ep. 11
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to open their eyes to the injustices of the world and fight back against them. It has risen awareness to recognize who we are, and the world we live in, and has given us the time we needed to stand up and act.Today, I am extremely excited to introduce you to one of my dream guests for the podcast, a fellow musician, Victor Wooten. I have never met any musicians with deeper philosophies or insights on life than this man you’re going to listen to! Besides his undeniable talent and dedication to his craft, it is Victor’s connection between music, life, and nature that makes him so unique. Not only has he got his life experiences to share and induce us to think and grow, but he’s got the mindset to understand the situation we’re going through right now and some insights that will help us comprehend and navigate it better.Victor Wooten is a five-time Grammy Award-winning musician, as well as a dedicated family man, philanthropist and best-selling author. Since the year 2000, he created a music program, that has expanded into a center, which includes all instruments and allows participants of all ages and backgrounds to develop and share their common love for music. He decided to teach music the way he thought should be taught, through the correlation it has to nature, helping those who attend his camp come out better musicians as well as, intendedly, better people.Join in, and listen to Episode 11 of Cure For The Common Life to keep learning the strategies and tools to get yourself past the things that hold you back, and help you create the changes you need in yourself.Some questions I ask:What made you who you are? Share with us a little bit about your backstory (04:27)How are nature, music, and life, all linked together? (17:40)If you could go to your future self, what would you say to you, 20 years from now? (36:43)In this episode you will learn:Some life lessons Victor picked up from his parents. (07:07)Why making it financially does not really mean you’ve made it. (11:59)The importance of encouraging your children, in any way that you can, to pursue their passions. (14:23)Why music teachers should encourage more and celebrate the effort, rather than the outcome. (21:03)What the pandemic has done for the Black Lives Matter movement. (25:09)The reason racism perpetuates, according to Victor. (27:26)A short history lesson on possibly why you see fewer black people swimming in oceans. (29:06)Connect with Victor:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterYoutube ChannelVictor’s booksLet’s connect!WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagramResources mentioned:Documentary: Bela Fleck - Throw Down Your Heart

Developing the Skill of Forgiveness

Ep. 10
During these times that we’re in right now, with COVID-19 and the restrictions we have going on, I have received lots of questions with regard to what should we do while we have this downtime, to best utilize it?Since I love answering questions and helping other people throughout their journey to cure from their common life, I wanted to have a real conversation with you and give you some actionable steps to develop one of the most powerful skills in your life and really take advantage of this stay-at-home period.Tune in and join me, to find out what you can do while you’re on your own so that you can ethically capitalize on this time right now. Listen to Episode 10 of Cure For The Common Life, reach out for a pen and paper, and be ready to change the way you look at your past and current experiences, habits, and rituals.In this episode, you will learn:Some positive aspects of this whole pandemic. (03:09)The two types of questions people will have to answer when this crisis is over. (05:39)The importance of taking some alone time, every day, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. (08:14)The skill that you need to develop, that is going to pay off 50X for the rest of your life. (09:20)Our future is a result of the rituals – good or bad – that we create for ourselves. (10:34)The characteristics that do not define forgiveness. (13:49)The two types of forgiveness: outward and inward. (15:19)How mastering the skill of forgiveness impacts our body, at the nervous level. (16:43)The analogy of “letting go of the peanut”. (18:45)My history with forgiveness. (20:55)Two essential things you have to remember from this episode. (23:30)A simple exercise that will help you start developing the skill of forgiveness. (26:25)Let’s connect!WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagram

How to Train Like a Gymnast

Ep. 9
A career in sports is usually short, and most athletes get used to a lifestyle that can hardly be recreated outside the playing field, whichever that may be. After they retire, they begin to miss that environment, and sometimes they miss having that accountability, that structure, and the community they’ve been a part of for a significant period in their life.In today’s episode, I have a very special guest, Danielle, who, as a former gymnast, understands firsthand what it’s like to experience this shift, from being an athlete to retiring and having to change her lifestyle. Being part of both worlds, we discuss how she managed to create a concept that helps people live a better life, be physically fit, mentally strong, and emotionally intelligent, as a whole, just like athletes do throughout their careers.Danielle Gray is a multi-talented, multifaceted, and multi-passionate entrepreneur. She’s a fitness model, a professional trainer, a speaker, and she’s also the founder of Train like a Gymnast – a program that helps high-achieving formerly competitive athletes become more emotionally intelligent through physical and mental conditioning, so that they can maximize their full potential.Listen to Episode 09 of Cure for the Common Life, to learn how to develop the right mindset and take the best approach with regard to your health and wellness, because it will have a domino effect when it comes to your performance, strength, flexibility and your entire life.Some questions I ask:What brought you to the place you’re at, and what are some of the things that you’ve gone through? (03:30)What caused you to retire from gymnastics at an early age? (07:34)What are your beliefs with regard to taking care of yourself? (17:01)If you could say something to your future self, 10 years from now, what would you say that would help you now? (31:03)In this episode, you will learn:How the two types of people – the matcher and the mismatcher – react when their beliefs are challenged. (10:57)The concept of training like a gymnast & the reality athletes have to deal with after they retire. (13:41)How aligning your decisions with your identity has a ripple effect in all aspects of your life. (17:51)The difference in how Danielle - being of mixed descent - was treated before the whole race issue emerged in our country and now. (19:51)How the acts of kindness, love, and forgiveness soften the attitude of bullies. (25:41)Connect with Danielle:Train Like a Gymnast WebsiteDanielle’s WebsiteInstagramPodcastLet’s connect!WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagram

From Pain to Purpose: Turning Tragedies into Triumphs

Ep. 8
“Life is not a fairy tale, and the minute that we decide it's not going to be and we're still just going to think of it as beautiful and look for the good stuff, then we can have a great life!” – Rebekah GregoryWe can’t avoid experiencing the uncomfortable, we can’t predict the tragedies that will knock on our doors, and, for sure, we can’t change what has already happened. No matter the challenges that are thrown at us, what matters is our attitude toward them and our capability to embrace them and turn them into successful adventures that can change our lives and those around us.Rebekah, my guest today, epitomizes the phrase, ‘turning tragedy into triumph’ and in this episode, I invited her to share the painful story of surviving a bombing attack that actually turned out to be one of her greatest blessings in life.Rebekah Gregory is a nationally recognized public speaker & author, whose life was forever changed due to the bombings at the Boston Marathon on April 15th, 2013. This act of terrorism may have claimed her leg, but it could not claim her spirit, and since then, Rebekah has become a force to be reckoned with. She has inspired audiences across the spectrum, including the Ambassador of the Holy See in Rome, Italy, the United Nations, Asics, ESPN Women’s, and hundreds more.In 2017, Rebekah had published her first book, “Taking My Life Back”, and shortly after, she launched Rebekah’s Angels Foundation, which she and her husband created to aid in the treatment of childhood trauma and PTSD. As you can see, she’s a woman that doesn’t give up in the face of adversity, so listen to Episode 08 of Cure For The Common Life because this one might be exactly the nudge you need to get up, stand tall, face the challenges you’re going through, and be bold!Some questions I ask:Could you tell us a little bit about your journey from the bombing attack up to the point where you realized that your calling really is to help other people move beyond their tragedies?Where did you learn the concept of counting your blessings instead of looking at the problems? (14:08)What advice do you have for somebody facing whatever challenges, that will help them move forward with their lives, especially now, in times of COVID-19? (15:54)What is your book about? (21:26)Tell us about your future podcast: when will you launch it, and what will it be about? (27:57)In this episode, you will learn:The tough story on how the Boston Marathon Bombing has affected Rebekah’s life. (02:29)How emotional scars can oftentimes hurt more than the physical ones. (08:41)The mindset that made Rebekah embrace the tragedies she has experienced throughout her life, and turn them into opportunities of helping other people. (12:48)The importance of stopping, in the midst of a crisis, to listen to the thoughts inside your head. (18:09)The changes that happen in our lives when we embrace the uncomfortable situations. (20:05)Rebekah’s attitude toward the person responsible for the bombing & the promise she made the day she faced him. (23:33)Connect with Rebekah:WebsiteLinkedInFacebook PageTwitterInstagramYouTube ChannelTikTokBook: Rebekah Gregory – Taking My Life Back: My Story of Faith, Determination, and Surviving the Boston Marathon BombingLet’s connect!WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagram