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Cure For The Common Life is a weekly dose of blazing hot topics on exactly how we function and how to use that information to get the very best out of ourselves. This powerful mixture of personal development, psychology
Latest Episode5/26/2020

Control the Energy You Generate

Ep. 4
Energy is real. It’s not a symbol, and it’s definitely not a metaphor! It is real – and the best part is that we can control it. Every time we think, feel or do something, we’re actually changing the energy patterns in our bodies and in our minds.Once we’re aware of this truth, it’s only up to us to generate more energy of happiness, joy, and gratitude – and if you’re wondering how on earth you could do that, Master Co, my guest today, is going to not only tell you but more importantly, he’s going to show you!Before I met Master Stephen Co, even though I’m very open-minded – as you probably have already noticed - I was skeptical about energetic healers. But I have heard so many good things about him that I knew I had to at least get to know him, and I’m telling you, the moment this man came into my life, the instant he started working with me, I got some great results.Master Stephen Co is an expert in Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, an energy management system designed to empower people with personal development skills for greater health & well-being, a deeper spiritual connection, and living a practical & fulfilling life. Since 1988 he’s been sharing his teachings worldwide through workshops at organizations like Motorola, Microsoft, General Electric, Sears, Intel, Paypal, Us Naval Hospital San Diego, the US Army, and Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within.The first thing that strikes you about Master Co is his dynamic energy, his sense of humor and his saying it like it is, so these are some great reasons to listen to Episode 4 of The Cure for The Common Life if you’re a little bit skeptic about what he does. I guarantee you that at the end of our interview you’ll start to view the world through a different lens, and you’ll want to have this man in your life!In this episode, you will learn:Your greatness is dependent on the number of souls you can transform. (04:16)An exercise that will help you feel the energy you generate. (05:08)How you can actually direct the energy and move it to where you want it to go. (10:56)The reason why children heal faster than older people. (12:05)How our thoughts are particles of energy. (13:47)How the energy we produce affects our immune system. (16:19)The law of opposites explained. (23:30)The importance of meditating every day. (24:40)A meditation practice that focuses on love, kindness, and forgiveness. (26:21)Connect with Master Co:WebsiteFacebook PageTwitterMediumInstagramLet’s connect!WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagram

Step Up and Live Your Purpose

Ep. 3
Life deals us a hand of cards and we have to play it to the best of our ability because running away is not an option. Avoiding failure is not an option. Bypassing challenges is, guess what – not an option!Today, I’m extremely excited to share with you one of my favorite people on the planet - Nick Santonastasso! If there’s anyone on the planet that has the excuse to have given up, the excuse not to follow through, the excuse to not step up, it is this guy! But he chose a different route. He has not only stepped up in his own way, but he is an inspiration for people, he has good solid advice, and he is going to awe you with his attitude, mindset, and boldness!Nick is constantly defying the odds. Despite being born with no legs and one arm – don’t worry, you’ll hear all about it – he is a bestselling author, world-renowned keynote speaker and a professional model/bodybuilder. Nick is using his challenges to inspire others to push beyond their limiting beliefs and live a life that has NO LIMITS.Tune in, and listen to Episode 03 of Cure for The Common Life and I promise you’ll start to feel unstoppable, bold, fearless, and ready to step up in your personal life and your professional ventures because YOU have everything inside of you to achieve all the massive goals and visions that you have!Some questions I ask:What brings you to this place in your life where you are adding so much value to other people’s lives? (03:50)What made that shift in you, so that you were able to think, believe, and behave the way you do now? (05:51)What would be some advice you’d give to people during this pandemic? (23:25)What would you tell your older self? (26:19)In this episode, you will learn:The story of how Nick and I first met. (08:08)How listening to everything with an open mind can move you further faster. (13:08)How choosing a handful of people to look up to, and studying them, leads to your progress. (13:52)Nick’s thought process behind the bold things he dared to do. (14:58)There’s always personal growth on the other side of failure. (19:29)Connect with Nick:WebsiteInstagramYouTube ChannelFacebook PageLinkedInLet’s connect!WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagram

Taking Action

Ep. 2
What is the difference between action and activity?In today’s episode of Cure For The Common Life, I break down just that and discuss how those concepts can be applied to achieve your goals. For our dreams to become a reality, we first need a solid foundation to be put in place. The principles you lay down during this process will act as your blueprint and are also summed up in the ‘4 Key Steps’ that I discuss in this episode.Creating structure and routine is vital in our success and is not something that will happen overnight. It’s a daily practice, one which takes time and perseverance to maintain, but all of that can and will be achieved with the right attitude. It will be a challenging road and we have to remember to reward ourselves along the way - we’re only human after all!So, if you’re interested to learn more and start taking control of your goals, sit back, and join me on the journey of self-development!In This Episode You Will Learn:A small part of my background that will shed light on the influence my father had on my work ethic growing up. (4:48)The difference between action & activity (9:11)The importance of incorporating activity into your life & lessons from “Think and Grow Rich” (12:52)What “Positive Expectancy” is and how it can help you move forward with your goals (16:38)The definition of discipline and the reasons it has a negative connotation for many people (18:17)The ways in which activity and discipline lead to skill (20:32)A breakdown of belief and certainty (22:08)Insights from “No Money Down” & the concept of “Analysis Paralysis” (24:38)Four key steps in honing the skill of discipline and activity (28:20)The concept of “The Global Effect” (38:13)Connect With Joseph McClendon III:WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagramResources:Book - “Think and Grow Rich” Author, Napoleon HillBook - “No Money Down” Author, Brandon Turner