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Growing up in the Public Eye & Building a Resilient Mindset, With Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Ep. 26
Joining me on the show today is a dear friend of mine and someone who I consider to be a voracious and commendable example of what hard work looks like, Malcolm-Jamal Warner! Malcolm is an actor, most notably known for his role as Theo Huxtable in The Cosby Show, as well as countless other programs such as Malcolm & Eddie, Community, and Suits just to name a few.In this episode, we discuss Malcolm’s road to success in the entertainment industry, why having such strong parental figures was so important for his own personal growth, and how his hometown of Atlanta has responded to the roaring political unrest we’ve seen unfold here in the US. Malcolm also shares how growing up in the public eye influenced him and taught him how to take on immense responsibilities at such a young age, as well as why performing has been such an integral part of his life.Tune in to Episode 26 of Cure For The Common Life to hear more!Some Questions I Ask:How is Atlanta responding to the political turmoil we’ve seen this year? (2:53)Who would you say has been the most influential person in your life? (7:01)Did you feel any pressure growing up with parents who were separated? (9:10)Where can people find you? (27:14)Is there any advice you can leave my listeners with today? (29:58)In This Episode You Will Learn:Some background on Malcolm-Jamal Warner (1:28)Why Malcolm’s Father made him do book reports during his summer vacations (9:34)The impact Malcolm’s Mom had on his acting career growing up (14:35)How my Father instilled strong and resilient beliefs in me as a child (23:03)Let’s Connect!WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagramConnect With Malcolm-Jamal Warner:TwitterInstagramFacebookWebsiteIMDb PageResources:Book: Great American Negroes - Author, Ben RichardsonApple Music: Miles Long, Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Stepping Into Your Greatness, with Ray Lewis

Ep. 25
In today’s episode, I’m shifting gears slightly.I’ve decided to repurpose an interview I took part in earlier this year with a very dear friend of mine and former NFL star, Ray Lewis! I was fortunate enough to be featured on his podcast, Everyday Greatness, where we discussed all of the home truths and complexities that are so prevalent when it comes to personal development.We also speak on the very real and confronting issue of ingrained racism. In this interview, I open up about an extremely significant experience I faced in my younger years, which acted as a catalyst to many of the limiting and harmful beliefs I had regarding my race. So many of the opinions I hold today have been born out of the persistency and commitment I’ve had towards my own self-worth and I hope that by sharing these lessons, you can walk away feeling more enriched and resilient than ever before.Tune in to Episode 25 of Cure For The Common Life to hear the full interview!Some Questions Ray Asks:What led you to partnering with Tony Robbins and pursuing the field of personal development back in 1986? (12:51)How do you define greatness? (18:47)Do you believe that failure is the key to success? (29:57)Why do you think it’s so hard for people to forgive themselves? (37:45)What advice can you give to the young adults trying to make their start in the midst of lockdown? (59:18)In This Episode You Will Learn:Some background on Ray Lewis (1:19)The importance of stepping out of your comfort zone (5:24)Ray’s advice on how to recognize and harness your own greatness (8:29)Where my internalized prejudice stemmed from (13:47)Why we have a responsibility to disenfranchised communities (20:29)The power of free will & The process behind ‘psychological hijacking’ (23:13)What the ‘cybernetic loop’ refers to (32:21)My advice on self-growth and habit building from a scientific standpoint (41:31)How Ray developed his internal drive and work ethic (48:48)Let’s Connect!WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagramConnect With Ray Lewis:TwitterTeam No ExcusesResources:Book: Think and Grow Rich! - Author, Napoleon HillPodcast: Everyday Greatness - The Ray Lewis Podcast

The Magnificent Life Challenge

Ep. 24
What’s good, beautiful people?Today’s episode is a special one! You are going to hear me being interviewed by the most amazing man, Les Brown, and we are discussing something that we’re both pretty passionate about now, and that is, healing the generational wounds of racism.You’ve heard me talk, before, about epigenetics - the study of the beliefs that are handed down genetically to us, from our ancestors. My work revolves around interrupting those patterns that are beaten into us, and recently, I’ve written a book that shares the five keys to an extraordinary life, that will help you break those negative beliefs – ‘Dare To Be Magnificent’.Tune in to Episode 24 of Cure for The Common Life to learn more about the concepts and the practices in the book, as well as the details to the event called ‘Magnificent Life Challenge’, that you can join for free!In this episode, you will learn:What my new book, ‘Dare To Be Magnificent’ is all about & what ‘magnificent’ means. (03:27)My father’s five basic tenets of life. (05:02)What you can get from The Magnificent Life Challenge event & who’s it for. (11:30)How to interrupt the patterns that are beaten into us from a young age. (14:58)How you can help the Feeding America Foundation by participating for free in The Magnificent Life Challenge event. (16:52)How people can thrive only if the others around them thrive. (17:41)Let’s Connect!WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagramThe Magnificent Life Challenge WebsiteBook: Joseph McClendon III - Dare To Be Magnificent: The Five Key Elements Of an Unshakable Extraordinary Life and Unlock Your Personal Power, Change Your Life & Thrive

Kiss The Ground

Ep. 23
Today, given our current environmental and political climate this year, I felt it was important to discuss climate change, and share with you my views on this topic.Balanced conversations and more importantly urgent actions surrounding global warming are extremely needed right now, so I wanted to take this as an opportunity to share some advice on how we can all make more ethical and sustainable decisions in regards to our environmental and livestock ecosystems.I’ll be discussing how the recently released documentary, ‘Kiss the Ground’, has inspired me to think more consciously about the world we live in, some insights into sustainable farming, and why growing our own food is a lot easier than you think!To learn more, have a listen to today’s episode of Cure For The Common Life!In This Episode You Will Learn:An introduction to today’s topic on global warming (1:05)Some background on the documentary, ‘Kiss the Ground’, & Why it’s such an important watch right now (4:04)Why the environment is cyclical & How our abuse of the earth has led to so many major issues within the ecosystem (5:10)How our soil has been tampered with over time and been replaced with dirt (8:48)Why our meat intake should be ethically and sustainably sourced (10:24)Some information on sustainable farming (13:30)What ‘prairie grass’ refers to (16:46)Why sustainable farms are so essential to building a thriving ecosystem (23:49)My advice on how to grow your own food at home (26:02)Let’s Connect!WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagramResources:IMDb Page: Documentary, ‘Kiss the Ground (2020)’IMDb Page: Documentary, ‘Forks Over Knives (2011)’

Debunking Myths and Making Sex Intentional with Dr. Cheryl Fraser

Ep. 22
Sharp, frank, and fearless - that’s Buddhist psychologist, sex therapist, author, and speaker, Dr. Cheryl Fraser. With a rare combination of academic credibility, humor, straight-talk, and life-changing advice, Dr. Cheryl is a sought-after media psychologist and relationship expert. She has helped thousands of couples jumpstart their love life and create passion that lasts a lifetime.A highly successful and awarded Fulbright scholar, she has conducted extensive research on sexual behavior and what causes love relationships to succeed or fail. Dr. Cheryl’s new online immersion workshop for couples – Become Passion – Create Love that Lasts a Lifetime - brings her work to your own living room. Join her for an 8-week program that includes weekly video lessons, couples skill exercises, guest experts, and weekly live coaching and Q&A with Cheryl. The next session begins on November 1st. Register for a free Passion Masterclass here and learn more.As a dynamic guest expert and speaker, she has taught for Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup fame, and appeared on numerous podcasts and television shows. Dr. Cheryl’s new book, Buddha’s Bedroom–The Mindful Loving Path to Sexual Passion and Lifelong Intimacy – is receiving rave reviews.When Cheryl is not in India, Tibet, or at a three-month silent meditation retreat, she lives on an island in the Pacific Northwest with her man and their menagerie, practicing the passion she preaches.Listen in to Episode 22 as Cheryl busts sex myths you thought were true and provides frameworks you can apply to your sex life!Questions I Ask:What is good that you can share to help people cure the common life? (3:19)Do people not want to talk about their sex life because it makes them uncomfortable? (6:00)What is the duration of time that people go from being more sexually active to that once or twice a month? (8:22)Is the sexual drive still there for most people or just needs to be rekindled? (11:26)Do you find that people push back against the concept of intentional sex? (14:46)Does the frequency of the scheduled sex make it more exciting? (16:31)The point is not to get to that place of total satisfaction, is it? (23:31)In this Episode, You will Learn:Dr. Cheryl’s concept of marriage incorporated (4:24)The current sex statistics for long term couples (6:22)What sexual neutrality is (6:55)The difference between spontaneous arousal and responsive desire (8:36)Example of a couple Dr. Cheryl had worked with (9:43)Dr. Cheryl busts the myth of having a sex drive (12:10)The eye-opening way to treat scheduled sex like going to the gym (17:08)The importance of integrating your lust within love (19:30)How to awake your erotic energy and orgasm without touching (24:00)Dr. Cheryl’s model, “The Passion Triangle”, of intimacy, thrill, and sensuality (28:20)The practice of setting a daily mindful loving relationship intention (32:23)Let’s Connect!WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagramConnect with Cheryl FraserLinkedInWebsiteBook: Dr. Cheryl Fraser - Buddha’s Bedroom–The Mindful Loving Path to Sexual Passion and Lifelong Intimacy

How to Spot a Liar & Tips for Reading Body Language, With Jan Hargrave

Ep. 21
Joining me today is renowned body language expert, published author, and sought after consultant, Jan Hargrave, who specializes in the field of nonverbal communication. Jan has worked on many notable criminal cases, including the likes of OJ Simpson and JonBenét Ramsey as a jury consultant and lie detection specialist. In this episode, she shares her intimate knowledge on the topic of body language and gives some useful advice on how we can approach reading others better.What’s particularly interesting, is the link that body language has with lying. Our bodies often give away signals or ‘tells’ that we aren’t being truthful, no matter how hard we try to play it off or blend in with the crowd. We discuss how body language plays such a prevalent role in detecting signs of mistrust in politics, particularly in the US government, how Jan influenced the title of ‘jury consultant,’ and what she has learned throughout her extensive career as a body language analyst.If you’re interested to hear more, then tune in to Episode 21 of Cure For The Common Life!Some Questions I Ask:Could you elaborate on what it is that you do? (3:41)Do you primarily teach individuals in upper management roles? (7:03)How have you personally responded to the current political climate in the US, particularly while observing body language in the media? (13:23)In This Episode You Will Learn:How Jan discovered the field of body language expertise (4:33)The first class Jan ever taught for attorneys on picking favorable juries (6:11)Funny stories from Jan’s teaching experience for ‘Starbucks’ (7:40)What I’ve learned from Jan throughout the years (9:46)Jan’s professional perspective on reading other people’s body language (10:17)How Jan’s work has shifted public perception towards her line of work and legitimized the field (11:14)Why we should trust our intuition (12:04)Jan’s advice for reading body language virtually & Her ‘triple threat method’ for emulating social interaction during Covid-19 (17:16)How I’ve adapted my Zoom calls to better communicate my gestures (23:24)Let’s Connect!WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagramConnect With Jan Hargrave:LinkedInWebsiteResources:‘Emotional Intelligence Quiz’, Greater Good MagazineBook: ‘Poker Face: The Art of Analyzing Poker Tells’ Author, Jan HargraveBook: ‘Let Me See Your Body Talk’ Author, Jan HargraveBook: ‘Strictly Business: Body Language’ Author, Jan HargraveBook: ‘Judge the Jury: Experience the Power of Reading People’ Author, Jan Hargrave & Alice WeiserBook: ‘Freeway of Love’ Author, Jan Hargrave