Cupp O' Sunshine

Welcome to the Cupp o’ Sunshine podcast series!  The podcast aims to bring some positive energy and inspiration to the audience – something we can all use more of in our daily lives.  The host, Deb Cupp, in her quest to fill your “Cupp with sunshine”, invites admirable people to have conversations, share lessons, experiences, and insights that will hopefully benefit all the audience. The podcast was first started as a video series on LinkedIn. You can check out Deb’s LinkedIn page for video highlights of the conversations, which have been edited into brief 10-minute segments. Here on this podcast, you can listen to the full conversation from start to finish.

Deb Cupp

Deb Cupp, President of Microsoft North America (MSNA). She’s responsible for the sales strategy, execution, and revenue growth for the Microsoft North America business. She leads an incredible team in the U.S. and Canada, pursuing Microsoft’s mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. As the leader of a large organization, it’s no surprise that she’s passionate about leadership, coaching, encouraging, and uplifting the people around her to help everyone achieve their goals. Thanks for stopping by getting your Cupp O' Sunshine.