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  • 0.5. CSIRO presents: Everyday AI

    Join Australia's national science agency as we go beyond sensational headlines and Hollywood representations to bring AI back to reality – Everyday AI. Hosted by AI expert, Jon Whittle, Everyday AI interweaves personal stories with experts from all over the world to explore how AI is used in different contexts such as creativity, health, conservation, sports and space. 

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  • 1. What AI isn’t

    Jon Whittle busts the Hollywood sci-fi myth that artificial intelligence is out to replace humans. We learn the history of AI from WW2 code-breaking machines to computer chess players that beat world champions, and hear how artificial intelligence is already very much a part of our daily lives. Jon and our experts break down the difference between data-driven AI and deep learning, and tell us whether AI will ever be able to fall in love. Everyday AI is a CSIRO podcast. This episode features Toby Walsh, a leading researcher in Artificial Intelligence, and Alison Gopnik, Professor of Psychology and Affiliate Professor of Philosophy at the University of California at Berkeley.
  • 2. Creativity generators - AI in music

    AI-written music has won Eurovision contests, computer-generated art is exhibited in galleries, and deep learning systems are even writing films and novels. So when it comes to creativity, do humans still have anything that machines don’t? Jon Whittle speaks to experts and musicians to find out how AI can be used as a tool by artists to push creative boundaries. We’ll learn the difference between how babies learn versus AI and ask whether AI should have legal rights as an inventor. Everyday AI is a CSIRO podcast. This episode features composer Justin Shave from Uncanny Valley, writer and musician Claire L. Evans, Alison Gopnik, Professor of Psychology and Affiliate Professor of Philosophy at the University of California at Berkeley and Toby Walsh, a leading researcher in Artificial Intelligence.
  • 3. Chatbots & health apps - AI in healthcare

    From smart watches to mammogram readers, artificial intelligence is revolutionising health care. In this episode, we’ll hear from a radiologist who is using AI scanners to increase the efficiency of breast cancer scans, and an engineer creating chatbots for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We’ll learn how the AI in chatbots works, and touch on how the medical field can navigate bias in health data. Everyday AI is a CSIRO podcast. This episode features radiologist and AI researcher Dr Helen Frazer, research scientist and chatbot developer Dr David Ireland from CSIRO and nursing student Lauren Clark. 
  • 4. AI and citizen science - AI in ecology

    This episode takes us from AI identifying birds in the bush and fish in the sea to helping locate destructive Crown-of-thorns starfish in the Great Barrier Reef. We’ll hear a number of examples of how, when combined with the work of scientific researchers and everyday citizen scientists, AI can be used as a tool to assist in animal population monitoring and rehabilitating ecosystems.Everyday AI is a CSIRO podcast. This episode features Jessie Barry from Cornell University’s Macaulay Library and Merlin Bird ID. We also hear from ichthyologist Mark McGrouther from the Australian Museum and Australasian Fishes project on iNaturalist, and Google’s Megha Malpani who was part of the team behind a computer-vision project to assist in monitoring Crown-of-thorns starfish.
  • 5. Data, numbers & AI vision - AI in sport

    Since the origin of data analytics in baseball, artificial intelligence now features in almost every sport. We see it in the precision Hawk-Eye technology that assists umpires with line calls, the performance and strategy analytics used in athlete training, and even helping watching sports become more accessible for vision-impaired audiences. In this episode, we hear from experts and athletes about how AI is changing sports, and touch on the importance of regulating data as AI increasingly becomes part of our everyday lives.Everyday AI is a CSIRO podcast. This episode features blind tennis player Courtney Lewis, Tennis Australia’s Machar Reid, Stuart Morgan from the Australian Institute of Sport, and AI expert Toby Walsh. 
  • 6. The final frontier - AI in space

    How would the discovery of life on a nearby planet change our understanding of life on Earth? AI is playing a pivotal role in space exploration, from analysing sound waves within stars to mapping galaxies, and helping space explorers land rovers autonomously on nearby planets. In the final episode of Everyday AI, we’re looking up and out to the stars with astrophysicists, astronomers and space engineers. Everyday AI is a CSIRO podcast. This episode features Astrophysicist Kirsten Banks, Engineer and Researcher at NASA’S Jet Propulsion Laboratory Dr Raymond Francis, and Research Astronomer Dr Ivy Wong from CSIRO.