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Exploring the crypto investment landscape through a traditional capital market investment lens.

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  • 11. Ep 11: David Duong, Coinbase

    Dr. Michael Kollo is joined by David Duong, head of institutional research at Coinbase, to discuss crypto, emerging markets and macroeconomics.GuestDavid DuongLinkedInClanzDr. Michael Kollo,

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  • 10. Ep 10: Roman Engel aka Cryptobeard

    Dr. Michael Kollo is joined by Roman Engel, known as Cryptobeard, have a high-level, exploratory discussion on A.I., ethics, technology, society and blockchain.GuestRoman EngelLinkedInClanzDr. Michael Kollo,
  • 9. Ep 09: John Kraski, LandVault

    Dr. Michael Kollo is joined by John Kraski, one of the top voices of LinkedIn and director of strategic partnerships for Metaverse company LandVault. They discuss NFTs and bridging the Web2 – Web3 divide.GuestJohn Michael Kollo,
  • 8. Ep 08: Jeff Dorman, Arca

    Dr. Michael Kollo is joined by Jeff Dorman, CFA at Arca, to discuss the investibility of the crypto and blockchain space now and into the future.GuestJeff Dorman, CFA at Arcaar.caLinkedInTwitter11 Random thoughts during a digital assets bear marketClanzDr. Michael Kollo,
  • 7. Ep 7: Matthew Dixon, CoinFX

    Dr. Michael Kollo is joined by Matthew Dixon, Quant of the year 2022, to discuss blockchain, cybersecurity, and surfing.GuestMatthew DixonLinkedInCoinFXClanzDr. Michael Kollo,
  • 6. Ep 6: Special episode on Celsius with

    Join Dr. Michael Kollo for a special episode discussing the recent activities on Celsius with Dr. Pavel Entin and Ilya Filinykh from Guardians of the Blockchain.Guestgbc.aiDr. Pavel EntinLinkedInIlya FilinykhLinkedInClanzDr. Michael Kollo,
  • 5. Ep 5: Ali Nejadmalayeri

    Dr. Michael Kollo is joined by Ali Nejadmalayeri, the John A Guthrie Endowed Chair in Banking and Financial Services at University of Wyoming College of Business. They discuss blockchain, his experience in the US, and where the industry is headed.GuestAli NejadmalayeriTwitterLinkedInClanzDr. Michael Kollo,