The Crop It Like It's Hot Podcast


Crop It Like It's Hot - Episode #2 - May 2020

Season 1, Ep. 2

The Future for sustainable arable weed management in the UK 

Alice hears from the experts at Rothamsted Research and NIAB, including trials manager, Will Smith, who discusses new research into mechanical control methods, and some important insights relating to drilling dates and weed control.

Rothamsted weed scientist, Dr David Comont sets the scene by updating us on the latest resistance figures for the UK, following the concerning news last year that glyphosate insensitivity has been found in some black-grass plants. Dr Jonathan Storkey, ecologist also from Rothamsted tells us why it is so important to understand not just chemistry, but biology when it comes to weed control, and the importance of integrated control practices, while Laura Crook gives the lowdown on an app that can be used to monitor weeds on your farm.

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