The Crop It Like It's Hot Podcast


Building a resilient rotation

Season 1, Ep. 8

It has been a difficult few years for oilseed rape growers, with many finally throwing in the towel for 2021. Particularly for those on heavy land, they now face the conundrum of finding a replacement break crop to fit into their rotation.

In this episode of Crop It Like It’s Hot – Growing a resilient rotation, Arable Farming journalist, Alice Dyer explores what other options are out there, what is driving crop rotation decision making on-farm and what emerging markets could growers tap into.


Skye van Heyzen - Innovation crops product manager, Agrii

Hannah Darby - Cambridgeshire arable farmer

Ben Anwyl - Junior agricultural researcher and consultant at the Andersons Centre.

Andrew Wells - Independent agronomist, Arable Alliance

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