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Replacing chemistry with biology and the role of biostimulants

Ep. 4

In the latest episode of Crop It Like It’s Hot – Replacing chemistry with biology and the role of biostimulants, Alice Dyer explores how certain products could have an important place in the future of crop production and protection.

With recent law changes to biostimulant regulations, Murray Smedley of the European Biostimulant Industry Council explains how this is helping to remove the potential for manufacturers making false claims.

Offering an insight into products in practice, agro-ecological farmer, Tim Parton, whose system focusses on regenerative agriculture techniques discusses how since introducing biostimulants to his system eight years ago, he has broken yield plateaus, abolished chemical fungicides and disease bills now average £40/hectare.

For the more conventional arable farmer, bioagronomist, Jamie Stotzka of Frontier explains why such products could still have an important place in crop establishment and disease control, alongside chemistry.

Supporting these claims, Newcastle University’s Prof Robert Edwards discusses the results of three years’ worth of independent farmer-led trials data, which shows how biological products could be the first thing growers reach for to combat cereal disease control in the future.

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