cover art for EP8 - Should we use gendered pronouns?

Descartes Before the Horse

EP8 - Should we use gendered pronouns?

Season 1, Ep. 8

Liam and Luke explore whether there are any good reasons to (not) call someone by their preferred gender pronouns.

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  • 1. EP14 - Should we welcome our new AI overlords?

    Should we be worried about ChatGPT? What is it good at? What should we let it do? Should we let AI make decisions for us?
  • 1. EP13 - Which personality tests work?

    In order to how we can best discover ourselves, Dr Zaphir and Dr Miller explore a variety of psychological and philosophical tests and their value for self-reflection. The mini IPIP test for the big five personality traits everyone has (Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Neuroticism, Openness to Experience, Extraversion)The Myers-Briggs test for 16 personalitiesThe RIASEC career and personality testThe Kinsey Scale for sexual orientationThe Autism Test (should not be taken as indicative or diagnostic)Goofy tests for fun like Lord of the Rings
  • 12. EP12 – does the alt-right make any good points about men?

    What is masculinity anyway? Is gender identity is under siege from an onslaught of feminist propaganda? We take a charitable look at Jordan Petersen, Andrew Tate, Matt Walsh, Ben Shapiro – and examine the stated beliefs and rhetoric of some of the most influential speakers in the conservative movement. Where is it that men should go from here?To see the sources used in this episode: you have questions, comments, or a topic you'd like to share, email us at
  • 11. Ep11 - Should we be teaching students how to protest?

    Should we be teaching students how to protest? Should a teacher get involved in political discussions with students and reveal their biases? Is it better to teach practical skills that will be of immediate tangible benefit to students? Or perhaps it’s better to teach controversy, not values? All of these ideas, good and bad are discussed with Dr Peter Ellerton from the Critical Thinking Project.
  • 10. EP10 - Are we required to love our families?

    Luke and Liam explore what love is. Are we obliged to love our parents? Must declarations of love be met with actions of love? What do we owe to our children? To our parents? Must we be grateful for being born? We didn’t ask for it after all.
  • 9. EP9 - Being a zombie is underrated

    Dr Peter Ellerton joins Luke and Liam in this discussion about zombies, both literal and philosophical. Is it possible for a human to be alive and functioning but without consciousness? What about dogs? Are mushrooms the next evolution in human development and should we bow to their fungal supremacy?
  • 7. EP7 – Is it immoral to be rude?

    Luke and Liam look at whether disobeying social etiquette is a form of unethical behaviour. They explore some philosophically dense and problematic questions such as ‘are we bad people if we don’t return a shopping trolley to the corral?’, ‘are we obligated to delete someone’s search history?’, and ‘is it rude to leave our headphones on to discourage talking to people?
  • 6. EP6 – Is it okay to laugh at racist jokes?

    Luke and Liam are joined with UQ’s Professor Deborah Brown as they discuss the philosophy of humour. Is it alright to laugh at cringeworthy anti-feminist humour? What makes a joke humorous in the first place? Should anyone find Borat funny? And is the toilet the location of all our best work as a culture?