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Critical Care Time

13. ICU Rounds: Focusing on the Patient

Season 1, Ep. 13

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  • 22. Bronch emergencies with the PulmPEEPS

    Like that time the Jetsons met the Flintstones or the more recent colab between Lululemon and Peloton, join us for an epic pairing between Critical Care Time hosts Cyrus & Nick and the PulmPEEPS - Drs. Dave Furfaro and Kristina Montemayor. On this show we use a case based approach to answer the question: How can a bronchoscope save your @$$ in the ICU and beyond? We take a practical look at airway bleeds, trach emergencies and so much more with our friends from PulmPEEPs! Make sure to give this a listen and let us know what you think!
  • 21. Feeding in Critical Illness with Paul Wischmeyer, MD

    On this MEGAsode of Critical Care Time, Cyrus & Nick are joined by world-renowned expert in ICU nutrition, Dr. Paul Wischmeyer (X: Paul_Wischmeyer & IG: paul_wischmeyermd) to discuss all things ICU nutrition. This episode is highly fortified with practice changing pearls from soup to nuts! In addition to getting to know who Paul is and why he does what he does, we demystify metabolic carts, talk about protein needs and metabolism in the critically ill, discuss steroids and other supplements - all while dispelling some major ICU myths regarding gastric residuals, TPN and more. Grab a healthy snack, sit back and get ready to enjoy some remarkable content in an oft overlooked field in medicine!
  • 20. 20. AKI & CRRT with Dr Kevin Chung

    On this week’s episode of Critical Care Time, Nick and Cyrus discuss continuous renal replacement (or kidney replacement) therapy and acute kidney injury with master intensivist and extra corporeal aficionado, Dr. Kevin Chung. Dr. Chung is a retired colonel in the United States Army, the principal force behind an intensivist-run renal replacement program in San Antonio, and is currently the Chief Medical Officer for our season one sponsor, Seastar Medical.In this episode, we discuss an approach to acute kidney injury, demystify elements of continuous renal replacement therapy, and then discuss various applications to include blood purification technology in 2024. Give us a listen and let us know what you think!
  • 19. Metabolic Acidosis w/ NephMadness

    In this Critical Care Time x Neph Madness colab, Nick & Cyrus host Drs. Tim Yau and Jeff Kott for a comprehensive discussion of metabolic acidosis with a focus on critically ill patients. We start by outlining a pragmatic approach to acid/base derangements peppered with some fact finding and myth busting, CCT style! We then turn our attention to working up and treating metabolic acidosis in the ICU. If you are looking for a one stop shop when it comes to metabolic acidosis in the ICU - look no further. You may even figure out what Spanx & sodium bicarb have in common!
  • 18. 18. Journal Club - DL VS VL: The Device Trial

    On this week’s installment of Critical Care Time, Nick & Cyrus tackle the recent multicenter, randomized control DEVICE Trial, which compared direct to video laryngoscopy in 17 American ICUs & EDs with the primary outcome of interest being successful intubation on first attempt. During this episode, we’ll take a deep dive into the paper, discuss other literature, and weigh-in ourselves based upon our own experiences and the data that’s available. Give it a listen and let us know what YOU think!
  • 17. 17. Hyponatremia in Critical Illness with Dr Joel Topf

    Sit back and grab some salty treats as you enjoy the mindful musings of master nephrologist Dr. Joel Topf (X: @Kidney_Boy) who joins Nick & Cyrus to chat about hyponatremia in critical illness - a very common condition. Here we discuss diagnosis and management of hyponatremia with special attention to those in the intensive care unit. Of course, no discussion is complete without plenty of time dedicated to osmotic demyelination syndrome (aka: central pontine myelinolysis) which gets plenty of face-time during this episode. Give it a listen and leave feeling confident in your ability to diagnose and manage a very prevalent condition in our patient population!
  • 16. 16. Pulmonary Embolism Part II

    In Part II of our discussion of PE, Nick & Cyrus discuss the Pillars of PE Management! We review the literature behind lytics in non-massive PEs, talk about airway management, hemodynamics and more! Make sure you listen to Part I if you missed it as it sets the stage for this fantastic, treatment focused discussion.
  • 15. 15. Pulmonary Embolism Part 1

    There are few things in medicine Nick & Cyrus enjoy talking about more than PE! Join the guys from Critical Care Time as they tackle this massive topic via a two part epic that’ll prove to be the best saga since The Lord of The Rings! In part one they talk about diagnosis, clinical decision support tools and demystify the pathophysiology behind pulmonary emboli. Check it out, and be sure to catch the second half in two weeks! We promise you’ll get your money’s worth!
  • 14. 14. Massive Hemoptysis

    Hemoptysis can be a scary thing to encounter in medicine and massive hemoptysis - i.e. life threatening hemoptysis - is a serious emergency that often requires cognitive agility and technical prowess. Join Nick & Cyrus as they talk with Dr. Whittney Warren - an intensivist and interventional pulmonologist - who walks us through her pragmatic approach to life-threatening hemoptysis. What medications can we use to stabilize these patients? How would we go about intubating such a patient? What bronchoscopic tools do we have at our disposal? Listen to this first CCT episode of 2024 and find out!