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  • 3. Natterdoodle - Lettering arts and positivity confetti sprinkler Natalie Keller Pariano

    Natalie Keller Pariano of Natterdoodle is a ray of creative sunshine springing positivity confetti everywhere she goes. Natalie is a colorful, quirky and socially conscious lettering artist living in Columbus, Ohio. Natalie not only has a brick and motor store store where she hosts workshops she also travels around the country teaching workshops. In this episode of Creative Queso we talk about what happens when your hobby becomes your jobby, best practices for teaching workshops and we even get into the Corona virus.Find Out More About Natalie Keller ParianoWebsite https://natterdoodle.comInstagram 6 Jennifer PerkinsWebsite http://creativequeso.comInstagram Myrriah Gossetthttps://www.myrriahgossett.comMUSIC: Chris Boehk

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  • 2. Saving the world one recycled glue stick and jar of biodegrable glitter at a time. Small steps crafty folks can take to help the environment.

    Tiffany Threadgould the GVP of Design and Engineering at TerraCycle, Inc & Loop Global stops by to talk about crafting, recycling and how to join those two in more than just your average up-cycled project. You might know Terracycle as a company that turns old diapers and cigarette butts into park benches. Did you know they can recycle glue stick tubes, spent markers and party balloons too? Loop is another exciting endeavor from Terracycle where currently you can get your Pantene shampoo, Clorox wipes and countless other brands sent to you in a reusable container. When you are done you send the container in, they fill it up and send it back. Imagine if we could do that with craft paint bottles! It might be happening sooner than you think.Find Out More About Tiffany Threadgould and Terracycle Jennifer Perkins Website Instagram Myrriah Gossett https://www.myrriahgossett.comMUSIC: Chris Boehk
  • 1. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Podcasting with Amanda Zampelli & Kristin Tweedale hosts of Crafty Ass Female

    Crafty Ass Female, raise your hand if this describes you? Today I am talking all things podcasting with Kristin Tweedale of The Awesome Ladies Project and writer/designer Amanda Zampelli. Together these two ladies host their own fabulous podcast called Crafty Ass Female. After a bit of a hiatus I thought discussing the topic of podcasting with some fellow crafters was the perfect way to kick off the new season of Creative Queso. How to deal with burnout, preparing guests for an interview, will podcasting make you rich? All of your hot burning questions are answered right here!Find Out More About Amanda, Kristin and Crafty Ass FemaleWebsite https://www.craftyassfemale.comInstagram https://www.craftyassfemale.comFacebook TweedaleWebsite ZampelliWebsite Jennifer PerkinsWebsite http://creativequeso.comInstagram Myrriah Gossetthttps://www.myrriahgossett.comMUSIC: Chris Boehk
  • 13. Stacey Martin Smith - Tattoos by Day and Business Woman by Night

    Stacey Martin is an Austin based tattoo artist known the world over for her celebrity themed kewpie dolls. In this episode host Jennifer Perkins and Stacey talk don't just talk about tattoos but get into all things art licensing, contracts, product design and more. Stacey has managed to parlay her career as a tattoo artist into a successful Etsy shop owner as well as an illustrator for companies like Sour Puss Clothing. You can find her artwork not only tattooed on hundreds of people but also on enamel pins, purses, fabric and patches.Find Out More About Stacey MartinWebsite http://www.staceymartin.comInstagram 6 Jennifer Perkins Website Instagram Myrriah Gossett https://www.myrriahgossett.comMUSIC: Chris Boehk
  • 12. Vickie Howell - Author of The Knit Vibe: A Guide to Creativity, Community and Well Being for the Mind Body and Soul

    Rebroadcast: Vickie Howell author of the brand new book The Knit Vibe stops by the Creative Queso podcast. Vickie is knitwear designer, author of countless yarntastic books, host of the Craft.ish podcast, boss babe in charge of the Yarn Yay subscription box service, host of The Knit Show on YouTube and the longest running craft themed Facebook Live show Ask Me Monday.Vickie Howell, like most of us in the creative industry wears a lot of hats, or shall I say knit beanies, and she wears them well.Host: Jennifer Perkinshttp://creativequeso.comhttp://jenniferperkins.comGuest: Vickie Howellhttps://vickiehowell.comCraft.ish Podcast Yay!https://www.yarnyay.comThe Knit Showhttps://theknitshow.comPRODUCER: Myrriah GossettMUSIC: Chris Boehk
  • 11. Gala Darling - A Manifesting Maven Talks Running a Creative Business and Tapping Into Success

    Gala Darling discovered tapping in her 20’s and from there her love of and interest in personal development grew and blossomed. Gala started as a blogger and fashion influencer, but has now become a best selling author with her book "Radical Self Love", a motivational speaker, YouTube host, and more. Her message is always about how to keep your vibration high and be the best boss babe you can be. Creative business owners will love all the concepts in this episode about overcoming imposter syndrome, online classes, paid subscription sites, plus tons of motivation.Find Out More About Gala DarlingWebsite https://galadarling.comInstagram Self Love Book Jennifer PerkinsWebsite http://creativequeso.comInstagram Myrriah Gossetthttps://www.myrriahgossett.comMUSIC: Chris Boehk
  • 10. Jennifer Sodini - Oracle Cards for Creatives

    Jennifer Sodini of Evolve and Ascend stops by the Creative Queso podcast to discuss the business of being a conscious media entrepreneur and her new Amenti Oracle Deck. Listen in as we talk about ways artists, crafters and creative business owners can use the deck to help break through creative block or as a prompt for inspiration. We also touch on why there has been a recent rise in popularity for things like crystals, oracle decks and spirituality.Find Out More About Jennifer SodiniWebsite http://www.evolveandascend.comInstagram & Jennifer PerkinsWebsite http://creativequeso.comInstagram Myrriah Gossetthttps://www.myrriahgossett.comMUSIC: Chris Boehk