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#Ep20 - Film Director - Will Nash (Part 1)

Want to know what to do to become a film director..... Well, the 20th episode anniversary is a special 2 part podcast with the film director Will Nash. Will has just completed his 3rd short film, Somatic which was crowd funded on Indigogo. Will has worked his way up through the ranks of the film industry and we talk all about how he got into films, the high and lows, and how he began directing. I also get to find what the actual job titles of a film production crew mean so if you are a film fan this is must, into the inside world of movie making. Enjoy.

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  • 31. Ep31 - YouTuber - Tom Buck

    This week Ben talks to youtube creator Tom Buck a self proclaimed lifelong A/V nerd, who uses youtube to help others level up the audio and video quality of streams, podcasts, and videos and started his YouTube channel in 2017 and it has now grown to over 70,000 subscribers and its now his full time job!
  • 30. Ep30 - Loop Mount - Co-Founder

    This week Ben is joined by the founder of Loop Mount - an innovative bike phone mount. Ben and Alex talk all things industrial design, crowdfunding, creative collaboration, as well as as the importance of model making. Enjoy!
  • 29. Ep29 - Dramatic Training Solutions Founder - Debra Stevens

    This week Ben talks to Debra Stevens, the founder of Dramatic Training Solutions and author of the newly released book: Stand Out - 5 Key Skills to Advance your Career. Ben has worked with Debra multiple times over the last 10 years and has found her innovative approach to understanding more about personalities and team dynamics to be a massive benefit to people from all different sectors of work. They talk about what the last year has been like, the challenges and how people are adapting, how we can improve our growth mindset and lots more! Enjoy!
  • 28. Ep28 - Too Many T's - Ross & Leon

    I'm ready, you ready? This weeks episode is with the Leon and Ross from the UK Hip Hop Duo: Too Many T's. We talk about touring, working with amazing producers, how they started out and the amusing stories of performing live.
  • 27. Ep27 - London Structures Lab Co-Founder David Illingworth

    On episode 27 of the create more podcast Ben heads of to London Structure's Lab in South East London to talk to the co-founder David Illingworth.They talk about a whole range of topics, from what's it like start a business, how to be creative in all parts of the design world, the benefits of teaching and loads more. Head on over to to find out more and the studio.
  • 26. Ep26 - Fathom Architects Co-Founder Justin Nicholls

    On Episode 26 of the create more podcast Ben heads over to Fathom Architects studios in South East London to talk the co-founder Justin Nicholls. They talk about a whole range of topics, from what's it like start a business, the excitement of the first day, through to winning work, becoming a leader of a company and what the future holds. Head on over to to find out more and the studio.
  • 25. Ep25 - The B1M Co-Founder Fred Mills

    On today's episode Ben talks to the co-founder of the B1M, Fred Mills. Recorded before Christmas lockdown Ben was lucky enough to talk to Fred about the massive popularity of the B1M as the biggest youtube channel for construction with over 1.5m subscribers. It's also almost exactly 5 years since the first time Fred appeared on Create More on Ep13 and so much has happened since then, listen and subscribe!
  • 24. Ep24 - Analog Motion Co-Founders Nav and Jack

    Welcome to the new series of Create More. On today's episode Ben talks to the co-founders Nav & Jack of the Ebike company Analog Motion. Recorded in the East London HQ (Prior to lockdown!) they talk about the highs on lows of creating a business, what inspired them to start the company and what their plans for the future is.
  • Introduction to All New Series

    We're Back! If you're new to Create More, it's a conversational podcast talking to creative entrepreneurs, people who have pursued their passions and turned it into their careers. Each episode your host Ben Stuart will be talking to fascinating set of people, ranging from Ebike designers, Kickstarters experts, youtube stars, architects, designers, engineers, visual designers, VR specialists and lots more.