Create Belonging


01 - Attitude and Learnability

Season 1, Ep. 1

Wow! Welcome, to the first episode of Create Belonging.

Guest: Innocent Mugenga, a Founder and the CEO of Aline. Host of the Learnability Podcast

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In this episode, we explore Innocent's story. We get into how it was like being born and growing up in Sweden. We touch on his early professional experiences of not belonging, and why he considers himself privileged.

This has been a real learning experience for me, and I hope that it will be the same for you too.

Here are some of the notes I took.

  • Notice how he resists defining himself in any particular “title”. 
  • Why he defines himself as an entrepreneur, and nothing else
  • He does not want to be defined as a product of the event that he experienced throughout his life. 
  • Early life. Moving around Sweden and the advantages of constant change 
  • Arriving in Nynäshamn - formative years in early adolescence, and how he handled bullying and being picked on at school. 
  • His identity is not his entire identity. 
  • His identity is formed by how he interprets the situation. 
  • Context switching 
  • How to handle sticking out, not only being a visible minority but also having a very unique name
  • Why choosing the most productive or positive version of reality is what helped him belong. Why
  • Why he considers himself privileged and how awareness of his privilege helps him be grounded and happy
  • His first job. An experience was not-belonging. 
  • The importance of learning
  • How do you empower yourself and others?
  • Why non-attachment to external happenings and material things is important
  • The importance of mindfulness, reading, and talking to people
  • Why you should pay attention to cognitive sciences to better understand the world around us. 
  • The importance of curiosity and how traditional education dampens our capacity to be curious
  • Unlearning is a necessary and courageous act
  • Aline's mission on transforming education stating from the way we consume information. We have unlimited access to information, so the problem is not in access of information, rather in how we consume information and alining the type of information we consume with our personal goals.
  • Aline and why Ikigai offers a good framework for its mission
  • Aline uses digital tools to create a to-learn list (in contrast with a “to-do” list)
  • Aline’s mission is “Using Digital Tools to Learn Better”
  • Why unlearning and re-skilling is crucial  
  • Why the real enemy of is a “fixed mindset” (to learn more about fixed mindset, watch this TED talk by Carole Dwek
  • Why the workplace is the ideal environment for promoting learning
  • The importance of job-mobility and how following one's curiosity leads to a better outcome for the individual and society at large. 

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