The Craig Shapiro Tennis Podcast


Year in Review with Christopher Clarey from the New York Times

Season 1, Ep. 29

For the past 25 years Christopher Clarey has covered professional tennis for The New York Times. He has attended 90 Majors, and

in 2018 received the Eugene L. Scott Award from the International Tennis Hall of Fame for his significant contribution to the tennis world.

We covered all of the hot button topics that 2020 brought, beginning at the Australian Open, we moved deftly into the news of the Indian Wells cancellation, discussed the US Open and Roland Garros, all the while moving and grooving our way around the tennis landscape.

Chris and I discussed how he became a sportswriter and provided some insight into what it's like to do the job.

He also shared with me his latest project, a book chronicling the career of Roger Federer.

Recorded Dec 11, Released Dec 22

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