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Ivan Lendl Christmas Day Special

Season 5, Ep. 12

The legendary Ivan Lendl joined me for the inaugural Practice and Breakfast Series, where he coached 11 players on 2 separate courts, and then we had a free flowing organic hour Q and A . We discussed his life in the juniors, particularly the Orange Bowl and how it was the most important tournament in junior tennis. He talked about why cheating wasn't prevalent when he was a junior, and how the Spanish, French, Italians, and Aussies are retaining their elite pros to work with their country's respective juniors.

He then talked in length about his upcoming Australian campaign with Andy Murray, and how he believes Andy is ready to go. He discussed the misconception of American Men's tennis being on a downtick . He talked Zverev, and how the young players are going to win majors.

Recorded Dec 17 at The Royal Palm Tennis Club, Released Dec 25

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