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The Craig Shapiro Tennis Podcast

Former Novak Djokovic Advisor Craig O'Shannessy

Season 4, Ep. 1

Craig O'Shannessy is credited as being the first coach to utilize analytics to formulate strategies for the professional and recreational game. His "Serve +1 " mantra has become de rigueur in tennis. Craig spent 3 years with Novak Djokovic and he gave his insight on the current situation regarding his participation in the Australian Open as well as his experience being a member of him team.

Craig O'Shannessy discussed in length how analytics factor into the pro game, what he does specifically with regards to Brain Game Tennis and we had a stellar chat.

Recorded 1.12 released 1.13

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  • 5. DC Tournament Owner Mark Ein Talks Tennis with Craig Shapiro

    Mark Ein is one of the owners of The Washington Commanders of the NFL and is the owner of the Mubadala Citi Open. He sat down with me at Wimbledon and we discussed a myriad of subjects in and around the business of tennis and it was a masterclass. He explained his philosophies around doing good business and how he combined the San Jose women's tournament with his men's tournament, he talked about the Saudi involvement in tennis. We talked about the television contracts and the Tennis Channel being shopped. We had a tremendous chat, as he is the first tournament owner to be invited on the show. Recorded 7.2 Released 7.5The Craig Shapiro Tennis Podcast is powered by is the official fan club platform of the show.
  • 4. 2024 Wimbledon Preview with Journalist Giri Nathan

    We are just a day and a half away from the start of The Championships, and Giri Nathan of The Second Serve and Defector joined me from a lovely spot by Court 18 this afternoon after attending the media day press conferences and we buzzed through some of the more interesting storylines leading into the fortnight- Raducanu resurgent, Sinner with a brutal draw, Tommy and Taylor winning the 2 lead up tournaments, Sabalenka announcing a shoulder injury, Novak in the mix and lots more. Have a listen and whet your Wimbledon appetite. Recorded and released 6.29.24Sign up for the newsletter.The Craig Shapiro Tennis Podcast is powered by DiadoraScope Sports IO is the official fan club platform of the show.
  • 3. Thomas Johannson Talks Roland Garros with Craig Shapiro

    Just a few days after his player Kei Nishikori retired with a shoulder injury the second round of Roland Garros, coach Thomas Johannson joined me from his home in Monaco, where he has lived for the past 25 years. He actually shared with me some cool information about living there. We discussed the conditions at the French, the issue that popped up this week of unruly fans, and talked in length about the players remaining in the men's draw. We talked about Rafa and his prospects moving forward. We talked about coaching at this moment in time and what that's like, and we talked about the dramatic downturn in Swedish tennis. The former world #7 who had blitzed through the 2002 Australian Open draw and defeated Marat Safin in the final explained how a win vs the Moroccan Younes El-Aynoui put him on a path toward that major victory. Recorded 5.3 Released 5.4The Craig Shapiro Tennis Podcast is Powered By Diadora is the official fan club platformSign up for our newsletter
  • 2. Italian Journalist Ubaldo Scanagatta Talks Tennis with Craig Shapiro

    Since 1974, Ubaldo Scanagatta has been among the most significant Italian tennis broadcasters and journalists on the planet. When Novak Djokovic mimicked his glorious Italian accent the tennis community was alerted in mass to this man, however for 40 years, Ubaldo, with Rino Tommasi and Gianni Clerici were the voices of Italian tennis, creating lingo and lexicon, for example a “Veronica” and a “Circoletto Rosso”, and we discussed it all. It was tremendous fun, and absolutely fascinating.His media outlet, UBI TENNIS is prolific in tennis, and his website is offered in Italian, Spanish, and English. Ubaldo and I discussed Sinner's injury and Giorgi's retirement, as well as Berrettini's injury problems. He talked about the success of Italian tennis and the young junior Federico Cina. He gave a thorough explanation of Tennis Australia's fight against the Saudi incursion, as well as the current situation with Novak Djokovic. Ubaldo discussed the history, and current state of tennis media. Recorded 5.15 Released 5.19The Craig Shapiro Tennis Podcast is Powered by is the official Fan Club platform
  • 1. Grigor Dimitrov Talks Tennis with Craig Shapiro

    I sat down with Grigor Dimitrov in his hotel in Rome just a couple days ago and Grigor discussed his feelings about the future machinations of The ATP Tour and the players' disdain of the long tournaments, his Lacoste deal, the sore subject of his Vapor 9s, his racquet secrets, and his beginnings in Bulgaria. Recorded 5.8 Released 5.10 The Craig Shapiro Tennis Podcast is Powered by is the official fan club Platform of the show.
  • 12. Hall of Famer Stan Smith Talks Tennis with Craig Shapiro

    With pro tennis at an ominous crossroads, the great Stan Smith and I had an important chat that was a mix of a walk down memory lane as well as a pointed conversation about tennis' potential next steps. Stan opined on the USTA's budget cuts as well as the impending Saudi incursion into our sport, and what it means for the smaller tournaments like Bastaad, Gstaadt, and Vienna. And to that point we talked about The Ojai and how important that small tournament was to his career. We discussed college tennis and how the new rules regarding NIL are hurting the competitiveness of many schools. We talked about his documentary, Who Is Stan Smith, and it's theatrical release next week. Recorded and Released on 5.26The Craig Shapiro Tennis Podcast is Powered by is the official fan club platform of the podcast
  • 11. Hall of Famer Rosie Casals Talks Tennis with Craig Shapiro

    The Hall of Famer Rosie Casals and I had a world class chat, as it was a real honor to have the former world #3 and one of The Original 9 players that created the WTA on the show. Rosie talked about what it was like growing up in tennis in San Francisco was like, and how Billie Jean King showed her how to become a more disciplined athlete, and how the Virginia Slims media training was pivotal in the formation of the WTA. She shared her front row experience before, during, and after The Battle of The Sexes, and it was an incredible history lesson. She was plain speaking and shared her views on the current state of the WTA as well as the budget cuts made by the USTA, and how the players need to do a better job promoting the WTA and the tournaments. Class was in session. Recorded 4.17 Released 4.23The Craig Shapiro Tennis Podcast is Powered By is the official fan club platform of the podcast
  • 10. Aussie Stalwart Johnny Millman Talks Tennis with Craig Shapiro

    Like many players on tour, John Millman has had an incredible journey in tennis. The youngest of 5, he was snubbed by Tennis Australia as a junior and used that as motivation to grind, and he went to Europe as an 18 year old. It wasn't until after his 2nd shoulder surgery that he cracked the top 100. In 2018 he beat Roger Federer in the 4th round at the US Open and that October he was 33 in the world. We talked about his career, and what retirement has been like. He sat on the player council at the ATP, and we discussed the crunch time decision that tennis faces in the coming weeks with regards to the PIF. Recorded 4.17 Released 4.18The Craig Shapiro Tennis Podcast is Powered by is the Official Fan Club of The Podcast
  • 9. José Higueras Talks Tennis with Craig Shapiro

    The former world #6 José Higueras won 16 titles on the pro tour, semi'd the French twice, and upon retirement coached a massive amount of players to huge success. José coached Michael Chang to his French Open title in 1989, and then was with Jim Courier fort his 4 majors and ascendance to the #1 ranking. In 2008 after they won the US Open, he left Roger Federer to join Patrick McEnroe at the USTA, as head coach of player development. He and Patrick instituted what they called THE PHILOSOPHY, a huge amount of players and coaches benefitted from their direction and we discussed this.Just last week José penned an open letter expressing deep concern for American tennis as a result of extreme budget cuts within the USTA and we discussed his letter in length. Recorded March 30 Released April 1The Craig Shapiro Tennis Podcast is Powered By is the Official Fan Club Platform of the Podcast