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Grad School: What You Need to Know Before Starting Your Journey

Season 2, Ep. 3

In this episode, we're exploring the world of graduate studies. Our aim is to explore the diverse paths individuals pursue after completing their undergraduate studies. Tune into a thought-provoking discussion featuring two special guests who will address the common questions, considerations and ASU resources associated with graduate school. Join us as we welcome Nico and Samantha, our Career Services Management Interns, who will share their personal journeys through graduate school and provide valuable insights!


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  • 4. Student Leadership in Career Development

    Join us as we dive deep into the journey of student leadership, exploring its transformative influence on career success. Watts College Management Intern and former USG Director, Pat Apap, shares firsthand insights into how leadership roles propelled his own career development and where to find these opportunities at ASU.Transcript:
  • 2. Resumes from the Career Advisor's Perspective

    Welcome to a discussion on resumes from the career advisor’s perspective. We're joined by Quiqui Hita, an amazing career advisor at Arizona State University. She spends each day helping students and graduates nail their resumes and land dream jobs–and is here to spill the beans on how to make your application materials shine. Ready to demystify the resume game? Let's get started! Transcription:
  • 1. Balancing Part-Time Work and Studies

    Let's dive into the world of school and part-time jobs. We're bringing in Devils' Advocate President Maria Ayala Rosales to share how she handles the school-work combo. Whether you're a fellow student trying to make it work or just curious about how others do it, this chat gives you a peek into the world of balancing school and multiple part-time hustles. Let's get down to it!Transcription:
  • 17. Tips for ASU Seniors

    Are you graduating soon? Tune it to hear from employers in the field about how to navigate picking your career, what to look for when selecting your first job, and how to enjoy the final moments of your degree! Transcription:
  • 16. The Veteran Experience at ASU

    Join us for this episode with Nicholas McCoy (Coast Guard Veteran) and Dakota Webber to learn how to translate your military service to the civilian world! Your experience matters, let's learn how to talk about it and get connected to the veteran experience at ASU.Transcription:
  • 15. Make a Difference with Teach for America

    Welcome back, listeners! Check out this week's episode with Krishnaa Pradhan from Teach for America. Hear about her experience in Indiana and how you can get involved too. For any questions check out or email Krishnaa at Krishnaa.Pradhan@teachforamerica.orgTranscription:
  • 14. Advice from a Fulbright Scholar

    Tune in to hear from Karina Munoz Baltazar, a Fulbright Scholar from Mexico, to hear about her experience in the U.S. and how it's impacted her career.Transcript:
  • 13. What is Applicant Tracking Software?

    Have you ever wondered why there are so many rules for creating a resume? Toni joined us for another episode to explain Applicant Tracking Software and how to best navigate it. Don't let AI rule out your resume, tune in for the inside scoop.Transcript: