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Conversations with experts about COVID-19

covid:aid, the UK's Covid-19 charity, speaks to experts about the key issues we face due to the coronavirus pandemic. We find out more about the vital work they have been doing, how their work and their lives have been a

Economy 2030 Inquiry: Long-term Impacts of the Pandemic on the UK Labour Market

Ep. 24
In this episode of Covid Matters, we speak to Daniel Tomlinson, a Senior Economist at the Resolution Foundation, currently working on the Economy 2030 Inquiry. We invited Dan onto the podcast to discuss a report published in November 2021 by the Resolution Foundation which looks at the permanent implications of Covid-19 for the UK’s labour market. We talk about changes to our working behaviours observed as a result of the pandemic and how these might affect smaller businesses; how to support people out of work due to Long Covid and; what a successful policy for the job market in the year ahead should look like.The Resolution Foundation is an independent think-tank focused on improving living standards for those on low to middle incomes by looking at a wide range of economic and social policies.As part of an ongoing project - The Economy 2030 Inquiry - they will be examining this current decade of economic change in the UK, brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit and the transition towards a Net Zero future, and will set out plans to help successfully navigate this change. The Inquiry is a collaboration between the Resolution Foundation and the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics. It is funded by the Nuffield Foundation.-----------------Follow Dan on Twitter @dan_tomlinson_ or The Resolution Foundation @resfoundation. Visit the Resolution Foundation website at or find out more about the Economy 2030 Inquiry.The Begin Again? report discussed in this episode can be read here.You can find us on social media @covidaidcharity or by visiting our website: where you can also join our free Covid-19 Support Community to take part in upcoming Live Q&A events, access our online Courses or connect with others across the UK dealing with the lasting impacts of Covid-19.

Why the National Day of Reflection is important for us all

Ep. 21
In the latest episode of our podcast Covid Matters we spoke to Jane Murray from Marie Curie about why the National Day of Reflection on Wednesday March 23rd is such an important moment –and got advice on how to deal with bereavement as well as how to support those experiencing grief.With The National Day of Reflection coming up on March 23rd, for our Covid Matters podcast we were delighted to be joined by Jane Murray from Marie Curie, who is Bereavement Services Manager and part of their Family Support Team.Marie Curie have been leading on coordinating the National Day of Reflection, which involves hundreds of organisations – including covid:aid – with events taking place online and across the UK.We spoke to Jane about why the day is important, as well as about how people have experienced grief and loss differently since the Covid-19 pandemic began –the nature of lockdown often leading to paused grief and a delay in process emotions.We also discussed the complexity of grief, with Jane providing advice for those who have experienced bereavement, as well as tips for people who want to help their loved ones who are struggling.The National Day of Reflection takes place On March 23. It provides a time to connect and support the millions of people who are grieving, and remember the family, friends, neighbours and colleagues who have died over the last two years.There are loads of ways to take part in the National Day of Reflection, from joining the minute's silence at 12 noon, to visiting a Wall of Reflection in your community, and reaching out to someone you know who’s grieving. covid:aid is also hosting events online through our Support Community (including a special free drop-in event on the day) – youfind our covid:aid National Day of Reflection hub here: can also find out more by searching “Day of Reflection” and visiting the Marie Curie website, which provides details of how to get involved and events taking place online and throughout the UK. And If you, or someone you care about is grieving, the Marie Curie Support Line can help. Call them for free on 0800 090 2309 to speak to one of the trained Support Line Officers or get ongoing support from a bereavement volunteer.

Financial Resilience and Wealth Distribution During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Ep. 19
In this episode of Covid Matters, we speak to Professor Sharon Collard, the Professor of Personal Finance and Research Director at University of Bristol, Personal Finance Research Centre (PFRC).Professor Collard has been leading the team reporting on the financial impact of the pandemic on UK households since the early outbreak of Covid-19. These surveys have been taking place throughout the past two years, with most recent results of the October 2021 survey being published in December of last year.We invited Professor Sharon onto Covid Matters to tell us more about their findings. We talk about how the pandemic has impacted households across the UK and which groups have been most affected; the financial resilience gap and wealth inequalities highlighted by the survey data and; how the cost of living crisis may impact our financial outlook in the coming year.-------Useful Links:MoneyHelper financial guidance and support: Debtline free, independent debt advice: Debtline free, independent debt advice: Citizens Advice: UK Debt Charity: you would like further support please join the covid:aidCovid-19 Support Communitywhere you can connect to others and a range of useful resources.You can find us on social media @covidaidcharity or by visiting our website: